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Get Beach Ready with Swarovski Hotfix Crystals

April 25, 2019

Get Beach Ready with Swarovski Hotfix Crystals

Now that spring has arrived, it won’t be long before the hot summer sun is upon us. That means, if you want to look great on the beach, now’s the time to start prepping.

There are numerous things you can do to ensure you’re beach ready. While getting the perfect beach bod is a common goal, why not up your beach hotness by upgrading your style instead? Swarovski hotfix crystals can really help you to achieve that glamorous beach look. Below, we’ll look at how you can use these great crystals to get beach ready

Bling up your swimwear

Whether you prefer to wear a bikini or a swimsuit to the beach, you can add a little summer sparkle to your outfit by adding Swarovski hotfix crystals. These high-quality crystals are sure to really bling up your swimwear, and it’s cheaper to add them to your costume yourself than buying already embellished swimwear.

You can also have full control over the design if you go DIY. For a simple, elegant look, just add the crystals to the bustline and bikini line. However, if you want to really turn heads at the beach, you can also create your own unique motifs. Take a look online for inspiration of glammed up swimwear to see what kinds of designs you can create.

Add style to your sunglasses

If you don’t fancy pimping up your swimwear, why not go for a more subtle sparkling look, by adding Swarovski hotfix crystals to your sunglasses. You’ll need to double check the material of the sunglasses is suitable for hotfix crystal application. Once you’re sure that it is, you can add little crystals along the frame.

Transform those flip flops

Another simple way to get beach ready with Swarovski hotfix crystals, is to add them to your flip flops, or other beach footwear. This provides a very subtle, yet glam look. Be aware that if you do choose to bling up your flip flops, you’ll want to make sure your feet are beach ready too! The sparkling crystals are sure to draw people’s attention down to your feet. So, why not give your toes a glitzy makeover too with Swarovski nail crystals?

If you follow the tips above, you’re sure to add a beautiful, glitzy look to your beach wardrobe. If you really want to stand out on the beach, Swarovski hotfix crystals can help. Why not take a look at our full collection of 100% genuine Swarovski hotfix crystals today?


Bluestreak Crystals® Crystal Size Chart

The Bluestreak Crystals Size Chart can be found below. To download / print a PDF version of this colour chart, please click here.

Swarovski crystals and beads size chart and guide