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Rhinestone Crafts for Kids: Sparkling DIY Projects for Children

September 27, 2023 4 min read

Rhinestone Crafts for Kids: Sparkling DIY Projects for Children

Do you remember the awe and wonder that a glimmering object would bring to your eyes as a child? Children have an innate fascination with all things sparkly and radiant, which is why rhinestones are a fabulous accessory to introduce in their craft projects.

While you can no longer use Swarovski crystals in non-commercial DIY crafts (due to the brand’s 2020 policy changes), there’s no reason why you can’t allow your little ones to explore and experiment with other crystals - and who knows, they might just get a taste for embellishing and grow up to start their own business! Here’s our guide on introducing your kids to rhinestone crafts, what crystals to choose, and any safety measures to take. Let’s get started!


Choosing the right crystals

When you hear the term ‘crystal’, it’s likely that Swarovski flat back crystals come immediately to mind; these rhinestones are renowned for their unmatched brilliance and precision-cut facets, with each crystal crafted meticulously to shine brighter than a regular rhinestone.

However, due to the brand’s policy changes in 2020, you can no longer buy Swarovski crystals for personal use; if you want to buy Swarovski rhinestones, they need to be bought with the intention to be used for a commercial, physical end-product, such as clothes, furniture, or home decor.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t introduce your little ones to the fun of rhinestone crafts: brands like Serinity and Preciosa Crystals offer just as much sparkle and brilliance as Swarovski pieces, and these can be used in any personal DIY project with your kids.


Sparkling Craft Ideas

So, where to begin with rhinestone craft ideas for kids? Here are just some ideas for a fun at-home craft day:


Rhinestone-Studded Headbands:

One of the easiest yet most impactful crafts you can engage in with your child is making rhinestone-studded headbands; all you need are plain headbands, Swarovski flat back crystals, and a strong adhesive. Let your child create intricate patterns or scatter the crystals for a galaxy effect, and once dried, they have a chic accessory to wear to school or any special occasion.

Do note that adhesive glue can be dangerous - especially for small children - so expert supervision is necessary here. Hold your child’s hand to guide them when placing the glue, or apply it yourself if your child’s mobility and strength isn’t fully developed yet.


Glittering Bookmarks

Fostering a love for reading and crafting simultaneously by helping your child create sparkling bookmarks - win win! Use cardstock as the base, paint or decorative paper for added aesthetics, and finally, decorate with flat back crystals to form stars, hearts, or any other imaginative designs. This not only makes reading fun but adds a personal touch to your child’s reading time.


Starlit Night Sky Mobile

Children love looking at the night sky, and with crystals, you can recreate their own galaxy indoors with a rhinestone-embellished sky mobile! Use a circular base, like an embroidery hoop, and dangle various lengths of string or wire from it. Attach stars, moons, or planets made from cardstock at the end and adorn these celestial bodies with the crystals.

As crystals and rhinestones can pose a choking hazard to infants, you’re going to want to ensure that the crystals are glued on correctly, and that you give the glue enough time to set before hanging the mobile up.


Sparkling Fridge Magnets

Convert ordinary stones or plastic shapes into fridge art by painting them and sticking flat back crystals on them! With a fridge magnet project, your child can create abstract designs, animals, or letters with the crystals, or even create a design with their name on it. Once dried, glue a magnet at the back of the fabric and let them proudly display their artwork on the refrigerator.


Rhinestone DIY Crafting with Kids: Safety Measures

Introducing children to the fun and glamorous world of rhinestones can be a delightful and educational experience, but as with all crafting projects involving children, safety is paramount. Here are some guidelines to ensure a secure and fun rhinestone DIY session with your little ones:


Choose Appropriate Sizes

Opt for larger rhinestones when crafting with young kids, as tiny rhinestones can be a choking hazard. By selecting more substantial pieces, you not only eliminate this risk but also make it easier for small hands to handle and manipulate.


Work in Well-Ventilated Areas

Some adhesives, even if non-toxic, can emit fumes that are best avoided. Working in a well-ventilated room or outdoors can ensure fresh air circulation, making the crafting experience more comfortable for everyone.


Protective Gear

Depending on the project, consider using protective gear like aprons to prevent adhesive spills on clothing; safety goggles can also protect eyes from any accidental splashes.

Safe Storage

Always store rhinestones and related crafting supplies out of children's reach. This ensures that kids can only access these materials under supervised conditions.

Teach Safe Handling

Educate your children about the importance of not placing rhinestones or adhesive in their mouths, noses, or ears, and explain the dangers in terms they can understand.

Immediate Clean-Up

Once your crafting session is done, ensure all materials, especially leftover rhinestones and adhesive, are cleaned up immediately; this minimises the risk of curious kids getting hold of them later.