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Bluestreak Crystals® About Us

Bluestreak crystals HQ the worldwide leading supplier of swarovski, serinity, preciosa and estella crystals


Amanda and Shaun purchased Bluestreak Beads Ltd in November 2015 and since that time they have worked incredibly hard to reshape and rebuild the business. During the first year of ownership they pretty much changed everything, which is why in 2016 the company was renamed to Bluestreak Crystals. The new company name retains a link to its heritage, whilst reflecting the new direction and partnership with Swarovski and Preciosa.

The business continues to grow year on year and currently employs 25 people from the local Buckinghamshire area. It's truly a family run business with Amanda and Shaun, and their two daughters working for the business. In 2020 the business moved into fabulous new offices in a beautiful village location at Penn Street, Buckinghamshire, providing much needed space for the business to continue its growth. In 2022 we decided to expand our footprint further and build Bluestreak Studios, where we will host embellishment and jewellery making classes and workshops. 


About Bluestreak Crystals

Bluestreak Crystals is the world’s leading supplier of high quality lead free crystals, offering the largest range with fast worldwide delivery. Our crystals can be used to embellish and add sparkle to a wide range of items such as accessories, costume, crafts, dress, jewellery and nails.


The Team

We have an amazing team here at Bluestreak Crystals, with every team member playing an important part in ensuring that our customers get their ordered products as quickly as possible and keeping customers up to date with the latest information regarding products and their orders.


  • Customer Service Team - our friendly dedicated customer service team are available Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm (UK time), to ensure that all of your queries and issues are dealt with in a timely manner. They can be contacted real time via live chat, e-mail or via the telephone.
  • Inventory Management Team - submit multiple orders and process multiple deliveries every day to ensure that stock levels are maintained so that you can always order the products you require.
  • Order Management Team - are responsible for ensuring your orders are picked, triple checked and securely packed ready for dispatch. We send your orders out as quickly as possible because we know you are always keen to receive your delivery from Bluestreak Crystals!
  • Creative Team - are always busy in the Bluestreak Studio and fill our social media channels with an array of delights on a daily basis, showing intricate details of our crystals up close as well as the various stages of our customer embellishment projects.


What Sets Us Apart?

Bluestreak Crystals is a Swarovski® Authorised Distribution Partner, one of very few worldwide and a Preciosa® Platinum Partner, again one of very few worldwide, so you can be certain your purchase from our online shop contains 100% genuine crystals. In addition, we have launched Serinity® Crystals and Estella® Crystals, our very own brands of high-quality crystals, which are also available from our online shop.

Our company mission is to provide you with; Highest Quality Crystals, The Best Shopping Experience and 5* Customer Service.


Highest Quality Crystals

SWAROVSKI® CRYSTALS - made in Austria and known for their beauty, unique sparkle and exceptional brilliance.                               


SERINITY® CRYSTALS - made in Austria with outstanding brilliance and sparkle, only matched by the worlds leading brand.


PRECIOSA® CRYSTALS - made in Czech Republic and crafted with the highest-quality, providing exceptional shine and clarity.


ESTELLA® CRYSTALS - made in the United Kingdom and provide excellent levels of brilliance and sparkle at an affordable price.



The Best Shopping Experience

BEST SHOPPING EXPERIENCE - the Bluestreak Crystals website and mobile app are designed to be fast, convenient and easy to use.


FAST DISPATCH - the majority of our items are in stock, so you can benefit from fast dispatch the same or next day, depending on when ordered.  



    5* Customer Service

    FRIENDLY & HELPFUL SERVICE - customer services are here to help and can be contacted real-time via live chat, email or telephone.


    COMMUNICATION - customers are kept informed at every stage of the order process.


    INFORMATIVE ARTICLES & GUIDES - the Bluestreak Crystals website contains a huge range of informative articles, tutorials and product information.


    SOCIAL MEDIA - check out our social media channels for inspiration, tips, tutorials, close-ups of our crystals and insights to our projects.



    We're very proud of the company we've created and we hope you enjoy shopping at Bluestreak Crystals.