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Bluestreak Crystals® Dictionary

bluestreak crystals dictionary


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AB – This is short for ‘Aurora Borealis’, also known as the Northern Lights. Crystals with this crystal effect have an iridescent coating that covers the top of the crystal, making it shimmer like the rainbow. The Crystal AB effect can look different depending on the brand, Serinity AB shimmers predominantly in hues of pink with subtler notes of blue. When this effect is applied over the top of a coloured crystal, for example ‘Light Siam’, you can still see the red underneath but there is a noticeable pink and blue shine to it as it hits the light. If you are curious to see this effect and compare for yourself, you could try our sample service or buy our comparison kit.

AB 2X – “2X” AB is often used for describing the AB coating given to bead or pendant products, which have multiple sides. For flat surfaced products such as sew-on stones and flatbacks, the coating is only required on one side of the crystal and therefore the effect is simply known as AB. However, those products with multiple sides such as beads and pendants will have either an AB coating on just one side, or a Crystal AB 2X coating which is on both sides, giving the AB effect on all sides of the crystal.

Acculon - This is a nylon covered wire which is particularly good for beads with sharp edges that might cut alternative threads. Available in a variety of diameters including the 0.012” (0.31mm) 3 strand wire and the 0.018” (0.45mm) 7 strand wire, both of which come in 30 foot and 100 foot spool sizes.

Adhesive – Any non-metallic substance that when applied to one or two surfaces binds the items together. Also known as glue, cement, mucilage or paste, with different brands often specialising in the adhesion of different materials.  For example, Beacon Gem-Tac jewellery glue is specifically formulated to secure Flatback Crystals and Rhinestones. One of the only adhesives that is suitable for applying mirror backed stones as the glue does not alter the appearance of the Rhinestones or Flatbacks. Whilst E6000 Plus is an odour free glue that it is ideal for jewellery makers and those who work in confined areas.  With the glue drying to tacky in around 30 minutes, this provides a longer work time making it perfect for larger projects.

Applicator Press – Enables the mechanical application of metal trimmed products to various fabrics.  Used in conjunction with the relevant die set, this applicator has a variety of uses such as applying Rivets to denim and leather fabrics or Rose Pins to more delicate fabrics such as cotton. Easy to use, this tool provides a quick and easy way to embellish a wide range of fabrics, perfect for costume designers and dressmakers.

Application Manual – There are various manuals available which provide detailed guidance in the application of different types of crystals such as Hotfix, Gluing, Stone Setting, Clay, Sewing & Embroidery and Mechanical. You can read more in our Preciosa Application Manuals or our Swarovski Application Manuals.

Artistic Wire – A soft and extremely flexible wire which makes it ideal for creating soft curves, spirals and shapes, as well as for wrapping crystals. Due to its flexibility, it can be easily manipulated, enabling jewellery makers to create highly complex statement jewellery pieces. The wire is measured in gauges, where the lower numbers indicate thicker wires and higher numbers indicate thinner wires.



Baguette – This refers to a particular shape of crystal that is long and thin and has parallel cut facets. The baguette cut is available across product ranges such as Flatback, Sew-on, Fancy Stones, Stone Settings and Cupchain.

Bail – A bail is a jewellery component that is used to attach a pendant or stone to create a necklace or charm bracelet. Bails come in various types of metal such as Sterling Silver, Gold or Silver plated in all manner of shapes and sizes, enabling jewellery makers to create stunning bespoke jewellery pieces.

BandingCrystal Banding consists of a carrier material that is covered with crystals, perfect for creating unique designs where other application methods are not suitable. There are many types of banding ranging from Preciosa Crystal Sheet which is often used in interior design or to embellish fabrics, to Swarovski Chaton Banding, used in the embellishment of equestrian products such as bridles and saddles.

BaroqueBaroque is the word jewellers use to describe a crystal, gemstone or pearl that is naturally asymmetrical and irregular in shape.

Bead – A small piece of glass, stone or similar material that is threaded with others to make a necklace or bracelet or sewn on to fabric to embellish clothing and costumes. Crystal beads come in wide variety of shapes, sizes and colours across all brands, with multiple facet surfaces ensuring to reflect the light.

Bead Board – A great tool to assist in the design of bracelets and necklaces, enabling you to layout and view your design before stringing.  There are usually various compartments on the bead board for storing beads and findings plus a larger area for storing small tools, so everything is on hand whilst you create your designs.

Bead Gauge – Used to measure the size of a bead to assist in jewellery making projects. The Bead Gauge tool is made of plastic making it very lightweight and it measures in both inches and millimetres.

Bead Mat – Provides a surface to put beads on that prevents them from rolling around. Comes in various designs, from the basic 8 x 8 inches Beadsmith Foam Mat to the Beadsmith Non Slip Bead Mat that has laser-printed measurements (inches & centimetres) as well as round bead diameters. This Bead Mat fits perfectly in the Beadsmith Bead Tray which comes with a clear lid to keep your beading projects safe.

Bead Tray – A flocked tray that enables jewellery makers to keep all beads in one place without them rolling everywhere. The Beadsmith Bead Tray comes with a clear lid and the Beadsmith Non Slip Bead Mat fits perfectly in the tray to assist you with your jewellery making and to keep your beading projects safe.

Beadalon – Softer than Tiger Tail and more supple for a smoother drape, Beadalon has several strands of fine-diameter stainless steel wire within a kink-resistant nylon coating. It is abrasion-resistant for longer lasting stringing results. The Beadalon 7 Strand holds its shape, is easy to work with, very strong & renders secure jewellery that lasts.

Belcher Chain – A type of trace (or link) chain composed of broad round or oval links of similar size and shape interlocked and soldered together. Often also referred to as a “Rolo Chain”.

Bent Nose Pliers – These pliers are ideal for getting into and gripping hard to reach places, they can also be used for shaping wire and opening and closing jump rings. The bent angle of tips gives you clear sight of what you are working on, without the handles getting in the way of your line of sight.

Bent Tweezers – Curved tip bent nose tweezers with a curved pointed tip to provide a better view of the project and are particularly useful when sorting, assembling, and positioning small beads and crystals.

Bicone – A double cone or bi-cone multi-faceted bead that is cut with extra facets for optimum light refraction. Bicone beads are available across all brands in a large variety of colours and sizes.

Bolt Ring – A circular shaped clasp with a small lever for opening and closing. These clasps are a secure way of fastening a necklace or bracelet.

Brand Ambassador – The Bluestreak Crystals Brand Ambassador Program offers our customers the opportunity to work in collaboration with Bluestreak Crystals. Our Brand Ambassadors promote our crystals through their social media and marketing channels and in return we provide them with generous discounts to our products.

Briolette – A pear-shaped bead or pendant with many facets.

Brooch Pin – These are a versatile jewellery finding to which you can glue or bind almost anything on to create a brooch.

Button – A small, shaped disc that is sewn on to a garment, either to fasten it by being pushed through a slit made for this purpose or for decoration. Crystal Buttons can be used in exactly the same way as standard buttons. The assortment of button usage ranges from shirts, blouses, jackets, and coats, through to denim and accessories. They are suitable for hand application and sewing with a machine. Available in Swarovski, Serinity and Preciosa in a variety of sizes and are perfect for dance and costume design.



Cabochon – A gemstone that has been shaped and polished, as opposed to faceted. The resulting form is usually a convex (rounded) obverse with a flat back, making it suitable for creating pendants and rings.

CG 500 Glue – A two component high-performance glue system for both foiled and unfoiled crystals, ideal for professional use within the jewellery & embellishment segments.

Chain Nose Pliers– Used for getting into tight areas and for precision work such as gripping components, opening small jump rings, bending thin gauge wire, and holding small beads. Chain nose pliers are particularly handy for reaching into tight places and difficult angles.

Channel – A type of unfoiled chaton made by Preciosa that is very flat and has pointed back.

Charm – This is a small metal shaped ornament that is used as a pendant on a necklace or on a bracelet.

Chaton – A round crystal stone that has a pointed back and 12 facets. The majority of round stones have a metal foiling on the back in order to reflect the light and enhance the colour of the stone.

Clasp – A device used in jewellery to attach two items together. This might be a clasp on a necklace or bracelet to join two ends of a chain together, or alternatively it might be a locking mechanism on a brooch.

Coldfix –Swarovski Crystal products with Coldfix application are developed for materials that are not suitable for Hotfix applications. These include Heat-sensitive materials (e.g. Silk), pressure-sensitive materials (e.g. artificial leather) and materials with a low level of absorbency such as fabrics with a water-repellent coating.

Colour Chart – A sample of colours put together to show the full range of colours available within a certain brand. We offer many different colour charts including a Serinity Colour Charts which shows all the shapes, sizes and colours available in the Serinity Flatback range, and many Preciosa Colour Charts ranging from Bead Colour Charts to Pearls.

CrimpCrimp beads and tubes are used in jewellery making to secure thread or wire. When crushed, the crimp grips the cord firmly. Crimp bead covers are then used to cover the crushed crimp bead and give a great professional finish.

Crimp Cover – Used to cover a crushed crimp bead to give a professional finish to a piece of jewellery.

Crimping Pliers – These pliers are used with a two-step process: first to separate the crimp into two sections in order to secure the thread and then to crush the crimp to ensure that the crimp is tight and secure. Where other pliers only crush the crimp beads leaving sharp edges. Crimping Pliers create smooth rounded edges.

Crystal – All crystals available at Bluestreak Crystals are high quality lead free cut glass crystals. When used in terms of colour, Crystal means that it is a cut glass crystal that has no colour or effect on it, making it completely clear. You can read more about our brands of crystals.

Crystal Calculator – Bluestreak Crystals have developed a custom Area Crystal Calculator in Microsoft Excel which can be downloaded. Please note - you will need to enable macros for the calculator to work. For all embellishment / crafting projects, it's important to calculate how many crystals are needed to cover the area to be embellished. This is important for two reasons; (a) so that you can calculate the cost of crystals to provide your client with a quote and (b) to ensure that you order the correct number of crystals to complete the project.

Crystal Fabric – A base plastic material that is completely covered with millions of tiny cut and uncut crystals. Swarovski uses the term Crystal Fabric for this product, whilst Preciosa refers to this as Crystal Sheet.  This product has many uses such as interior design, costume embellishment or even in the embellishment of equestrian products such as riding hats.

Cubic Zirconia – Often abbreviated to CZ, Cubic Zirconia is a synthetic material that looks very similar to a diamond.  Due to its durability and low cost, Cubic Zirconia is a very popular stone with likeness to a diamond and offers a wide range of colours, thus providing a much cheaper alternative for jewellery designs.

Cup Chain – Also known as rhinestone chain, cup chain is a string of crystals embedded in a setting and connected together to form a light and flexible crystal chain. Often used in both jewellery making and to embellish garments, cup chains can be soldered, plated, and sewn by hand or machine.

Curb Chain – This type of chain has links that have been flattened and twisted, which interlock tightly together to form a chain.



Die Set – A set of tools that are used with an Applicator Press (also known as Fly Press) for the application of metal trimmings such as Rivets and Rose Pins.

Display Case – A glass display case available in two sizes, small and large, with a choice of inserts. Often used by nail technicians to display their crystals to clients.

Distributor – Businesses can join our Distributor Program and become an official distributor for Bluestreak Crystals. This allows our customers to resell our extensive range of high quality beads and crystals which are counted and pre-packed into retail packaging with Bluestreak Crystals branding.

Dream Mix – This is an exclusive high value collection of crystals consisting of several wholesale packs of crystals that come with a high quality display case with black leatherette finish.



E6000– This is a brand of glue that is suitable to use for both indoor and outdoor projects. It is formulated using premium polymer technology meaning that it can be used on most surfaces. E6000 Plus provides the same performance as the standard E6000 but without the odour. This means that it is ideal for those working in confined spaces.  The glue has a long work time making it perfect for larger projects, as the glue drying to tacky is around 30 minutes.

Ear Wire – One of the main components, also known as Findings, that is used to make earrings is called an Ear wire.  There are many different varieties of Ear wires including Shepherds Crook and Fishhook which are made using wires that are curved with a loop at the bottom to attach your chosen components such crystal beads, pearls, or pendants.

Elasticity – A popular stretch threading material that is great for creating bracelets and using to embellish crystals and beads onto stretchy fabrics and materials like jersey cotton. Great for beaded jewellery designs that is especially kind for those new to jewellery making as minimal skill is required.

Enchanted – Made by Estella, Enchanted crystals are very small double pointed cut glass crystals that are usually applied to nails to achieve a 3D shimmering crystal affect. These micro crystals are also used for decorating objects such as mobile phone cases, clothes, shoes and much more.

Estella – Launched in 2021, Estella Crystals are good quality glass crystals which are sourced globally and finished in the United Kingdom. Estella Crystals provide excellent levels of brilliance and sparkle, at an affordable price. With a broad range of shapes, sizes and colours, Estella Crystals are perfect for crafting and embellishment applications.

Eye PinEye pins are used in jewellery making for making charms or earrings. The pins have a loop at one end so that they can easily be used as a connector to attach a crystal bead, pearl, or pendant.



Facet – A type of cut given to crystals and gemstones where multiple flat surfaces called 'Facets' (faces) are created. This cut enables transparent stones, such a glass crystals, to refract light inside and reflect outside enhancing the shine and colour of the stone.

Faerie – Made by Preciosa, Faerie is a combination of both double cone crystals and crystal balls that together provide the maximum amount of surface area coverage as possible. These lead free tiny crystals are often used by nail technicians and in the embellishment of hard to reach areas of a product such as inside a sphere.

Fancy Stone – These are cut glass crystal stones that have no thread hole which when used in combination with a metal setting can be sewn onto fabrics and garments, or to create professional jewellery pieces. They can also be placed into pre-made cavities.

Findings – A term that refers to the different types of metal components used in jewellery making. These include materials such as ear wires, headpins, jump rings and clasps etc.

Fireline – A pre-waxed, braided cord consisting of an extremely strong fibre, a gel-spun polyethylene, making it one of the strongest threads ever created. It has an unbelievably high tensile strength which makes it ideal for using with heavy beads and crystals.

Fish Hook – A type of ear wire that is bent in a hook shape and has a loop at one end. The hook end passes through the pierced ear and a component or charm is hung from the loop. The long stem helps to prevent the ear wire from slipping out of the ear. 

Flat Nose Pliers – A hand tool with tapered jaws that are serrated on their flat inner surfaces.  Ideal for shaping, bending, or straightening metal wire. They are also used for opening and closing jump rings, making them an essential addition to any jewellery-making toolkit.

Fly Press – Also known as an Applicator Press, the Fly Press enables the mechanical application of metal trimmed products such as Rivets and Rose Pins to fabrics.  Used in conjunction with the relevant die set, this applicator has a variety of uses such as applying Rivets to denim and leather fabrics or Rose Pins to more delicate fabrics such as cotton.

Fully Coated (FC) – This indicates that the colour effect has been applied to all sides of the crystal and is usually in reference to metallic colours in products such as round beads.



Galuchat – Made using Crystal Fabric this product is a combination of uncut crystal balls of different sizes (2.5 mm and 3.55 mm), resulting in an irregular 3D affect that is smooth to the touch offering a wide variety of uses such as on equestrian helmets or as motifs on clothing and accessories.

Gift Card – A voucher that can be redeemed against anything in our online store including our extensive range of beads, crystals, tools, and accessories. Available to purchase at a value of your choice and once the purchase is complete the customer will receive an email that contains a unique gift card code that can be used at checkout to redeem its value.

Glue – A substance that when applied to one or two surfaces binds the items together. Also known as adhesive, paste or cement, with different brands often specialising in the adhesion of different materials.  For example, CG500 is a two component Epoxy Resin high-performance gluing system for both foiled and unfoiled crystals, developed for professional use within the jewellery segment as it works best with solid surfaces like metal or glass. Whilst Fusion Tac glue is a permanent washable glue that is best suited to fabrics as it is a more flexible glue.

Gold Plated – Plated metal is commonly used in fashion costume jewellery. Gold plated is where a very fine layer of gold is bonded onto a base metal, usually brass, copper, or zinc through a process called plating.

Griffin – A brand of silk thread. Very popular in jewellery making due to the broad range of colours that are available. The thread consists of a single strand making it easier to thread with however this should not be used with heavy beads as it is not a strong thread and may break.

Gunmetal – This is a type of metal made of a mix of copper, tin, and zinc to get its dark grey colour. It is rarely used in jewellery making but it is often used in more unusual jewellery pieces or men’s jewellery designs.



Half Drilled – Where a bead or pearl is only drilled halfway to a centre point and not all the way through. This half drilled hole is then used with a little glue to attach to a finding such as an ear stud or jewellery wire, concealing the fitting which makes this type of bead or pearl perfect for making stud earrings and tiaras.

Headpin – A piece of wire with a "head" (stopper) at one end that prevents beads from sliding off. Once beads are strung onto the head pin, use jewellery pliers to make either a simple loop or wrapped loop with the remaining length of wire.

Hematite – Nearly all Hematite available today is manmade as natural Hematite is extremely rare resulting in its high cost. The manmade product possesses the same properties, look, and feel of the natural gemstone and can be transformed into many shapes, colours and even be magnetised. Hematite in relation to crystals refers to the colour of the crystal, a dark glossy grey/black colour.

HotfixHotfix flat back crystals have a pre-applied coating of adhesive on the back which when used with heat the glue is activated enabling the crystal to adhere on to fabric. Once cooled, the glue hardens and securely and permanently fixes the elements in place. The source of heat for the crystals is usually applied using a Hotfix Applicator, a Heat Press, or a non-steam iron.

Hotfix Applicator – An Applicator tool used to apply hot fix crystals to fabrics. The nozzle of the applicator heats up and with the use of sized precision tips, the crystal is picked up with the applicator and placed on the fabric.  Held for a few seconds, the glue on the back of the hotfix crystal melts, adhering the crystal to the fabric.



Ignite – A type of effect used on crystals. This effect is used on crystals where the facets of the crystal can be enhanced from behind. For example, Ignite coloured chatons are unfoiled and used with an open back setting for the colour of the crystal to be intensified and reflect as much light as possible.

Innovations – Refers to the launch of new products. Swarovski, Serinity and Preciosa all have two product launches a year; Spring and Autumn, purposely timed to tie in with the fashion industry. The innovations showcase the new products and talk about the vision of the brand in their creation.

Iridescent - The iridescent coating enables surfaces to appear to gradually change colour as the angle of view or the angle of illumination changes, a similar appearance to the surface of a soap bubble. Examples of this effect can be found on crystal pearls.



Jewel Setter – Allows you to pick up and place crystals and gems such as flatbacks and chatons quickly and easily. Ideal for working with rhinestones, chatons, seed beads, flatback crystals, stones, and other tiny jewellery components.

Jump Ring – A component used in jewellery making, allowing the connection of different findings such as clasps or ear wires. There are two types of jump ring: Open where there is a small cut in the ring allowing you to twist it open and close to attach to other components; or closed, where there is no opening, and the jump ring is soldered onto jewellery pieces.

Jump Ring Opener – A tool for opening and closing jump rings. Worn like a ring on thumb or finger, it secures the jump ring in place so that with the use of pliers, the jump ring can be twisted open or closed.



Kidney WireEarring components that are long in length and securely close around a wire hook to keep the earrings in place without having the need to use an earring backing.

Kit – A set of materials and components for using as a crafting project or to make something. Bluestreak sells a variety of kits including Nail Art kits specifically designed for nail technicians and embellishment kits, for those wanting the key products required to embellish with crystals.



Lacquer – An opaque varnish is applied to the reverse side of the crystal instead of foiling to create an opalescent appearance.

Lobster Clasp – A type of clasp that is opened or closed using a small lever. It is used in jewellery making to attach parts of a chain together to form a bracelet or necklace. The clasp is in the shape of a lobster claw, hence its name Lobster clasp.

Lochrose – A type of sew-on crystal that has either one or two holes enabling the crystal to be easily sewn onto any type of textile or accessory. They are used in a wide range of decorative applications and the rounded edge ensures that the thread is protected.

Lighting – Specific crystals that are used in the creation of lighting products such as chandeliers. Preciosa Lighting Crystals are lead free and perfect for creating beautiful crystal chandeliers, strands, and lighting features for luxury locations such as yachts, hotels and private residencies.



Magic Tray – A small triangular tray used for scooping, pouring, and sorting beads, findings, and Flatback Crystals. The textured surface of the magic tray enables crystals to turn the right side up by shaking the tray, using friction to flip your beads, stones & crystals.

Marquise – An elongated elliptical shape that has pointed ends, creating the illusion of greater size due to its long narrow shape.

Maxima – Precision machine cut crystals patented by Preciosa and made in Czech Republic. Each Maxima crystal consists of many facets (15 to 18) featuring perfect geometry. They are optimised to allow maximum dispersion of light, with a unique combination of larger and smaller facets.

Medley – A strong carrier material with a mix of different sized (2mm and 3.6mm) double-pointed chatons, used for embellishment in many segments such as interior design, jewellery making and textiles.

Memory Wire – Made from thin tempered steel wire, Memory Wire is perfect for creating necklaces and chokers. The wire is tarnish resistant and spring-like, enabling it to return to its original form when expanded and released. 

Memory Wire End Caps – Used with Memory Wire, these silver plated half drilled beads provide the perfect way to keep threaded beads in place when finishing off a jewellery piece.

Merchandise – Bluestreak website sells various products such as bags, notepads and water bottles that has the Bluestreak logo. All merchandise sold by Bluestreak is of high quality and fully recyclable.

Mesh – A flexible metal mesh carrier with integrated loose crystals. Available in a wide range of colours, casings, and sizes.  Comes in the form of either Hotfix (applied using heat) or as a Non Hotfix version that can be hand or machine sewn. Popular for textile designers, costumes, and jewellery makers.

Mix – A combination of different coloured and/or shaped crystals. The most common type of mix is a rhinestones mix, which usually consists of colours that blend. Popular with nail technicians and embellishment artists, a mix is a cost effective way to purchase a selection of different crystals.

Monofilament – A strong invisible cord that is made especially for illusion-style necklaces or see-through and clear beads. Soft yet strong and durable, this thread is very popular with jewellery makers.

Montees – Crystals that are mounted in a metal pronged casing known as either Chaton Montees (crystals used are chatons) or Rose Montees (flatback crystals).  Both varieties of Montees have holes at the back of the casing to enable the crystal to be sewn onto materials or used in wiring and beadwork.

Motif – A collection of flat back crystals used to produce transfers designed to be applied to various materials from paper to textiles. Unique custom designs can be created that can be quickly and easily applied to a surface, saving precious time and effort of not having to apply the crystals one at a time.



Nacre – Also known as mother of pearl, it is an organic–inorganic composite material of which pearls are composed. High quality brands such as Swarovski, Serinity and Preciosa use several layers of Nacre to coat a crystal core in order to create luxury imitation pearls, hence the term Nacre Pearls.

Nail Art – A creative way to paint, decorate and embellish nails. Performed by a manicurist or nail technician, with small rhinestones often being used to create unique designs.

Needle – Used with a thread to string beads and pearls together to make jewellery or to sew crystals onto fabric.

Net – Created by applying any combination of up to ten different sizes, colours, and shapes of Flatback Crystals in a grid formation on to the intersecting points of a net material according to the specified design. Crystal Net is suitable for sewing and hotfix application, either by machine or by hand.

Navette – Another term used to describe the marquise shape. Pointed at both ends with equally curved sides, the term Navette usually refers to the contour or outline of a gemstone or crystal.

Nightfall –Where a vacuum coating is applied to the crystal to produce a mesmerising surface effect which makes the underlying colour appear subtly darker and cooler.

No Hole – This refers to when a bead or pearl has no thread hole which means that the product is not suitable for threading to create a bracelet or necklace.

Non Hotfix – This term is used to describe flat back crystals that need to be secured with glue. As heat is not required, these types of crystals are easier to work with than Hotfix crystals and can be used on a wide variety of materials including delicate fabrics, leather, glass, and nails.

Nymo – Perfect thread for attaching crystal beads and pearls to fabric. The thread is remarkably thin compared to other beading materials and is perfect for beginners practice to learn and master threading. The non twisted, pre-waxed nylon creates a smooth and durable thread whilst having similar properties to elastic thread adding strength to the creation of some amazing pieces.



Ornela – Preciosa Ornela is part of the Preciosa Group and is one of the world's largest producers of glass seed beads and beads.



Pearl – A crystal pearl is a type of imitation pearl named for their glass crystal core which is coated in a pearlescent material designed to replicate the lustre of natural pearls.

Pearl Knotter – Used in jewellery making, this tool creates secure uniform knots useful for stringing pearls & other types of beads.

Pendant – Derived from the Latin word pendere and Old French word pendr, both of which translate to "to hang down". A pendant is a stone that has a thread hole at the top enabling it to be attached to a chain or finding to create a piece of jewellery such as a necklace or earrings.

Pliers – There are many different types of jewellery pliers of which have their specific uses from opening and closing jump rings to holding small items and shaping wire.

Pointed Back – A crystal or rhinestone that has a pointed back are also known as Chatons. The pointed back of the stone intensifies the colour and shine of the crystal, as the facets reflect the light off the foil backing.

Polychromatic – A term used to describe a crystal than can shine multiple different colours depending on the angle from which the rhinestone is viewed. You can find examples of these multicoloured crystals in the Swarovski, Serinity and Preciosa crystal ranges and a few best-selling examples include Crystal Paradise Shine, Crystal Volcano, Crystal Vitrail Light and Crystal Vitrail Medium.

Post & Scroll – A type of finding used to create earrings and is the most common form of earring fastening for pierced ears. The “Post” which is attached to the earring is threaded through the ear lobe and secured in place with a scroll shaped fastening at the back of the ear.

PP – “PP” (Pearl Plate) is a method of sizing originally used for pearls by placing them on a surface or plate with holes. The pearls were sized by which holes they fell through. In the world of crystals “PP” is used for the smallest stones and can be converted into mm using a Crystal Size Chart.

Preciosa – A brand of cut glass jewellery stones, beads and flatback crystals. Made in the Czech Republic, Preciosa has been manufacturing quality crystals for the past five centuries, making it one of the original world-wide manufacturers.

Princess Cut – A contemporary diamond cut that is characterised by its geometric, sharp square shape with angular, strong lines. It has four bevelled sides with a pyramidal shape and is often found in the Fancy Stone and Cubic Zirconia product ranges.

Projects – A collection of different instructions for how to create a specific jewellery piece or embellish a product using crystals. Our projects also include a full list of everything you will need to complete each project along with links to each item that can be purchased in our online shop.

Protective Layer (P) – A transparent lacquer that is applied over an effect designed to protect the effect from scratches, fingerprints and other damage. It also helps to prevent moisture that can lead to corrosion penetrating into the effect layer. This technique is used for certain effects in beads and pendants.



Nothing to add at this time.



Regal Faerie – Made by Preciosa, Regal Faerie is the more sophisticated version of Crystal Faerie. Comprising of tiny faceted cubic zirconia stones providing a more superior quality compared with the standard Faerie, and is perfect for use in nail art.

Rivet – A chaton that is encased in a metal setting which has a post at the back so that it can be attached to thick material such as leather. Available in various platings, rivets are applied using a Crystal Applicator (also known as a Fly Press) and Rivet Die set.

Rivoli – A type of chaton (undrilled cut glass stone) that has specifically cut facets which lead to a point and foiled on one side to reflect the light and enhance the colour of the crystal.

Rocaille – Also known as seed beads, these small round glass beads are traditionally made in Japan and the Czech Republic. They are uniform in shape and range in size from under a millimetre to several millimetres.

Rocks – Double pointed chatons that are embedded into a strong carrier material to give a 3D crystal effect.  Available in various sizes with Rocks in chaton size PP22 (2.85mm), Fine Rocks in PP14 (2mm) and Ultra Fine Rocks in size  PP9 (1.55mm).

Rondelle – A disc or doughnut shaped bead where the width is wider than the height of the bead. Often used as spacers to separate other beads.

Rose Gold Plated – Plated metal is commonly used in fashion costume jewellery. Rose Gold plated is where a very fine layer of rose gold is bonded onto a base metal, usually brass, copper, or zinc through a process called plating.

Round Nose Pliers – The most commonly used pliers in jewellery making, as they can be used to make various jewellery findings such as jump rings, toggle clasps and bails. The rounded jaws allow you to hold wire securely, while making a smooth curve.



Sample Service – A service that allows you to place an order for a particular size or colour of crystal at a minimal cost, allowing you to sample the crystal before buying in larger quantities.  

Seed Bead – Small round glass beads, also known as Rocaille beads, that are traditionally made in Japan and the Czech Republic. They are uniform in shape and range in size from under a millimetre to several millimetres.

Serinity – Launched in 2022, Serinity Crystals are made in Austria with extra facets and platinum foiling for outstanding quality, brilliance and sparkle. Available in an extensive range of shapes, colours, and sizes, perfect for DIY nail art and embellishment.

Setting – A metal casing that is used for stones that do not have a thread hole such as fancy stones and chatons.  The metal casing is either sewn (using wire or thread) or glued to create the finished article either as a piece of jewellery or as part of a design on a garment.

Setting Knife – Used for the hand application of Chaton Rose Pins and it is also useful for setting stones in a cupchain by hand.

Sew OnLoose crystals that can be easily sewn either by hand, or with a standard domestic or industrial sewing machine onto a fabric or garment.

Sheet – Crystal Sheet is also known as Crystal Fabric and is a strong base plastic material that is completely covered with millions of tiny cut and uncut crystals. Swarovski refers to this product as Crystal Fabric, whilst Preciosa refer to it as Crystal Sheet.  This product has many uses such as interior design, costume embellishment or even in the embellishment of equestrian products such as riding hats.

Shepherds Crook – A pierced earring wire shaped like a shepherd’s crook-similar to fishhook wire but with a longer shaft.

Shimmer Effect – A softened version of the Aurora Borealis (AB) effect, giving a more subtle sparkling effect.

Side Cutters- Used to cut and trim precious metal wire, headpins, eyepins, and flexible jewellery string wire. The flat blades on side cutters enable precise up close cutting in hard to reach places, minimising filing and finishing.

Silver Plated – Plated metal is commonly used in fashion costume jewellery. Silver plated is where a very fine layer of silver is bonded onto a base metal, usually brass, copper, or zinc through a process called plating.

Single Stone Setting – Where a stone is in a metal casing which holds the stone in place so that it can be sewn or glued onto fabric or made into a piece of jewellery.

Size Chart – A reference chart to look up PP and SS numbers to convert the sizes into millimetres.

Snake Chain – A chain that is made up of round, wavy, metal rings joined side by side to form a flexible tube with a smooth, scaly texture like snakeskin hence the term snake chain.

Snowflake Wire – Stainless steel wire shaped to make a snowflake shape. Thread with beads and pearls to create a beautiful Christmas decoration.

Special Cut – This refers to a cut of crystal that is not standard for example a shaped cut crystal rather than round. This is used in particular for chatons and fancy stones.

Split Ring – A split ring is a type of metal ring that has been wound in such a way that there are two distinct ends. The two full turns within the split ring allow for things to be slid onto the ring in the same manner as a key ring.

SS – Refers to the Stone Size of a crystal, such as chatons, and can be converted into mm using a Crystal Size Chart.

Sterling Silver – An alloy of silver containing 92.5% by mass of silver and 7.5% by mass of other metals, usually copper. The standard for sterling silver is a minimum millesimal fineness of 925. Fine silver (99.9% pure) is generally too soft for producing functional objects such as jewellery and therefore the silver is usually alloyed with copper to give it strength but preserving the ductility and beauty of the precious metal.

Stones in Settings – Where a stone is in a metal casing, enabling the stone to be held securely in place to create into a jewellery piece or sew onto a garment.

Stud – Crystals encased in a setting that can be mechanically applied onto different fabrics, leather, or other materials. Studs are particularly versatile in textile, footwear, and accessory segments and offer a wide range of application possibilities. Ideal for luxury leather goods, especially accessories and footwear due to the availability of various different nail lengths, as they can be applied to materials of various thicknesses.

Supertite Fusion – An industrial strength glue that is specifically formulated for crystal and rhinestone embellishments, projects, jewellery making and repairs.  Suitable for most fabrics and is a permanent washable glue that dries clear.

Supertite NinjaGel-curing instant adhesive that is flexible and elastic with over 200x flex of normal glues, making it particularly suitable for making or repairing moving parts, such as watches.

Syringes – For accurately applying glue in awkward places. Glue syringes are a great way to apply glue in small, confined areas such as jewellery settings.  They come in a variety of sizes and have different types of syringes depending on the thickness of the glue.



Trace chain – Also known as Cable or Anchor chain is a fine and delicate style chain made from a thin wire shaped into uniformed round or oval links.

Thread – Beading thread is the thread that is used to string beads or pearls together to form a bracelet or necklace. There are many types of beading thread from cotton to nylon coated, and it is important to choose the right thread for your project.  Our Ultimate Guide on threads compares the many variations and describes in detail the different uses of thread.

Thread Magic – A thread conditioner that is used to strengthen thread, prevents fraying, and eliminates static.

Trade Discount – For customers or businesses that are ordering beads and crystals in higher volumes, Bluestreak Crystals offers customers the opportunity to apply for Trade Discount, which offers several benefits including: discount across our entire range of beads and crystals and discounts on both retail, mixed packs, and wholesale packs.

Trademark Guidelines – These guidelines discuss the correct way that a trademark can be used, including how to use trademark names and symbols properly, and provides examples of correct and incorrect use.

Transfers – A collection of flat back crystals used to produce a design to be applied to various materials from paper to textiles. Unique custom designs can be created that can be quickly and easily applied to a surface, saving precious time and effort of not having to apply the crystals one at a time.

Transparent – Where a bonding agent is applied to the reverse side of non-mirror finished flatback crystals, allowing the crystal to take on the colour of the material behind it.

Trigger Clasp – An oval shaped clasp that closes by itself with a spring mechanism and offers a secure way of finishing necklaces and bracelets.

Tutorials – A step by step video guide enabling the learning of crafting, jewellery making and crystal embellishment.

Tweezers – A small tool made of two narrow strips of metal joined at one end. It is used to pick up small objects such as beads and flatback crystals, by pressing the two strips of metal together with the fingers.



Ultimate Dream Mix – A large collection of over 10,000 crystals in various shapes and sizes, available in Serinity, Preciosa and Estella brands. The Dream Ultimate Mix consists of twelve full wholesale packs of crystals in either Crystal or Crystal AB colours and comes with a luxury velvet lined display case with glass lid and crystalized Bluestreak Logo.

Ultimate Mix – A collection of 500 flatback crystals in various shapes and sizes.  Available in a selection of colour themes, with crystals supplied in a handy box with separate compartments.

Ultimate Guides – A comprehensive and detailed guide explaining a type of product or technique.

Unfoiled – This term is used for unfoiled crystals that have no foiling on the back when in usual circumstances they would, such as Flatbacks or Chatons.



V Effect– This is where an effect is used in reverse and the surface effect is used like a translucent effect e.g. Crystal Silver Shade V, the Silver Shade colour is on the reverse side of the crystal.

Vitrail – This is the French word for stained glass. When used in reference to cut glass crystals, this describes a colour effect that enhances many different colours within the one crystal.  There are two versions of this colour effect: Vitrail Light which reflects a combination of light colours such as pink, pale purple and silver, and Vitrail Medium which reflects darker colours such a green, gold, and purple.



Wax Pen – This tool enables you to pick up small items such as crystals and chatons to place them in a jewellery setting or to glue onto a surface. One end of the wax pen tool has a wax tip, which is used to pick up the crystal, whilst the other end has a fine point which can be used to gently adjust the placed crystal into its final position.

Wax Picker Tool – Similar to the Wax Pen, this wax pencil enables you to pick up small crystals such as flatbacks and chatons, in order to place them onto a glued surface or into a jewellery setting.

Wholesale – This refers to a large pack size, also known as purchasing in bulk. Due to the large pack size, the cost per crystal is discounted, making it the best choice if purchasing large quantities of crystals.



XILION – A unique type of copyright cut used by Swarovski that optimises the light reflection of small sized crystals such as flatbacks (2038 & 2058), Beads (5328), Chatons (1028) and Fancy Stones.

XIRIUS – A unique type of copyright star design cut used by Swarovski that optimises the light reflection of large sized crystals which can be found in products such as flatbacks (2078 & 2088), Sew-ons (3188 & 3288) and Chatons (1088).



Nothing to add at this time.



Z Effect– Where only part of the stone is treated with an effect.

Zirconia – An artificially produced crystalline imitation of a diamond made of Zirconium-oxide, which is very hard and is characterised by a light refraction that is close to that of a diamond. Swarovski Zirconia is considered the best diamond imitation in the market and can withstand very high temperatures (2750°C) enabling it to be set like a diamond. Zirconia can be applied to jewellery without the need for adhesives, making it extremely durable and ideal for everyday wear.