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Rhinestones in Ballroom Dance: Transforming Movement into Magic

August 29, 2023 4 min read

Rhinestones in Ballroom Dance: Transforming Movement into Magic

If you simply gush and swoon at the outfits on the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing, you’re not alone! These hand-crafted outfits are glamour from head to foot, and every inch is pored over with intricate detail and thousands of crystals are used – it certainly creates some inspiration for making your own Strictly outfit at home. While you may not have the expert level of the costume designers on the show, you can glitter it up just as much.

In the following guide, we’re going to show you how - with our hotfix mixes - you can easily apply glitz and glamour however you want. Let’s dive in!

Create Your Own Rhinestone Ballroom Gown at Home

Choosing your pattern

Choosing the right pattern for your ballroom gown is pivotal not just for the aesthetic appeal, but also for determining the rhinestone application process. Patterns with intricate designs or detailed embroidery can offer natural placements for rhinestones, enhancing their elegance, although conversely, simpler patterns may require a more creative approach, integrating rhinestones in ways that create movement or highlight the body's contours.

In addition to this, the fabric's texture and the gown's overall design might influence the size and type of rhinestones you choose, as well as the adhesive method. Investing time in pattern selection ensures a harmonious blend of fabric and sparkle, so don’t skip this step.


Why Hotfix crystals

When it comes to hotfix vs non Hotfix crystals, Hotfix crystals and rhinestones come with a heat-activated adhesive backing, making them a top choice for ballroom dresses. But why? Firstly, their application is more uniform and secure compared to non-hotfix alternatives: given the dynamic and vigorous movements in ballroom dancing, this ensures that each stone stays firmly in place throughout a performance.

Additionally, the hotfix method is more time-efficient, allowing for quicker gown embellishments. Lastly, hotfix crystals provide a cleaner finish; there's no need to deal with visible glue residue or potential mess. For elegance that lasts and stands up to the demands of ballroom dancing, hotfix is the way to go - and don’t forget that you can save when you buy your wholesale Swarovski crystals in bulk with us at Bluestreak Crystals.


Hotfix applicator is the best tool

If you’re completely new to hotfix crystals, you will need a hotfix applicator. It’s not as complicated as it sounds, and this product is available on our website with super easy instructions included. Hotfix crystals should only be applied to soft, absorbent materials like cotton or polyester. It’s a good idea to use a scrap piece of material to practise first – but it won’t take long to get the hang of it.

Choose the correct size applicator for the hotfix crystal you want to apply, pop it in the nozzle and wait a couple of minutes for it to heat up. Then add the crystal to the applicator. You will see the glue begin to melt and become soft. Keeping the applicator at a 90 degree angle and the material on a flat surface, gently but firmly apply the hotfix crystal. And that’s it! Play with some designs and patterns for your ballroom outfits.


Swarovski hotfix crystals for maximum sparkle

You can sample a range of sizes with our size mix of Swarovski Flatback Crystals Hotfix: these come in a pack of 250 or 500 in round, multi-faceted Swarovski crystals in Crystal AB, an iridescent crystal colour that works against any material. From as small as 1.4mm to 4mm in size, these crystals make a subtle but brilliant adornment along the hem or edge of a costume. Line the bottom edge with the largest size crystals, create a row above with a smaller size, then another with a smaller size, and so on, creating a rippling effect as large or small as you want!


What about the shaped hotfix crystals?

We also carry a Shapes Mix of Swarovski Flatback Hotfix Crystals, which come in navette, pure leaf, flame, drop, raindrop, starlet, rhombus, and fan shapes, ranging in sizes from 6mm to 10mm. Shape mixes are great for cluster patterns on your outfits, for example as a detail on the shoulders. Tessellate some of these shapes to make for a beautiful pattern that catches the eye, and is easy and fun to make.


Why Rhinestones are Perfect for Ballroom Dancing Dresses

Dazzling Movement

When it comes to ballroom dancing, every spin, twirl, and step matters; rhinestones, with their innate ability to catch and refract light, amplify these movements, creating an eye-catching shimmer with every move. The sparkle of rhinestones also complements the fluidity of dance, ensuring that the dancers are always in the spotlight.


Elevated Costumes

The elegance of ballroom dance costumes is further elevated by the application of rhinestones; their versatility allows them to be incorporated into intricate designs, patterns, or borders, adding depth and sophistication. Rhinestones can also be tailored to match or contrast the fabric, offering endless design possibilities.


Durability Under Duress

Ballroom dancing demands durability from costumes, as they undergo strain during performances, and high-quality rhinestones, especially when properly affixed, can withstand the rigours of energetic dance routines. With correct application they’ll stay firmly in place, ensuring that the dancer's appearance remains impeccable throughout the performance.


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