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What is Permanent Jewellery: Everything You Need to Know

March 05, 2024 4 min read

What is Permanent Jewellery: Everything You Need to Know

Have you ever heard of a necklace or bracelet that you literally can never take off? Whether you’re interested in unique pieces or romantic gifts, this trend goes beyond the traditional, offering pieces that become a lasting part of you (or a loved one’s) adornment. But what exactly does permanent jewelry entail, and why is it gaining such popularity? This comprehensive guide will take you through the allure of these pieces in detail, so you can decide if it's the right choice for you. Let’s dive in.


What is Permanent Jewelry?

Permanent jewelry consists of pieces designed to be worn indefinitely, without the need for removal. While the term 'permanent' may imply something irreversible, it's more about the commitment to wear it continuously rather than the inability to remove it. Put simply, rather than using high-quality jewelry findings like clasps or buckles to close the necklaces or bracelets, the pieces are welded closed - aka you can’t take them off without the help of a professional jeweler.


Types of Permanent Jewelry

The world of permanent jewelry is diverse, catering to all manner of tastes and preferences. Whether you're drawn to the subtle elegance of a bracelet or the personal statement of a necklace, there's a permanent piece for everyone:


Bracelets are the quintessential choice for permanent jewelry, often selected for their symbolism of friendship, love, or personal milestones. Permanent bracelets circle the wrist in a continuous loop, representing infinity.


Anklets add a discreet charm to the concept of permanent jewelry, offering a unique way to adorn oneself in a less conventional manner. They carry the same significance as bracelets but with a touch of whimsy and subtlety.


For the romantic readers, a permanent necklace means selecting a piece that will stay close to your heart forever - literally! It's a choice often laden with deep personal or emotional significance, so it’s a popular choice for symbols of love or memory.


Rings have traditionally symbolized commitments and bonds, and making a ring permanent elevates this symbolism, offering an unbreakable reminder of the vows or promises it represents.


For those who treasure their ear adornments but dislike the constant need to change or adjust them, permanent earrings are a practical and beautiful solution. While they might not be ideal for those who love changing up their accessories, they do offer something constant, and add effortless sparkle and style to your ensembles.


How Long Does Permanent Jewellery Last?

Permanent jewelry can last indefinitely with proper care, but its durability varies based on material quality, daily wear and tear, and maintenance. High-quality materials like solid gold or platinum can endure daily activities better than those made from lesser materials. However, even the strongest materials can break if caught or pulled with enough force. Regular maintenance can help extend the life of permanent jewelry, potentially allowing it to last a lifetime.

Can Permanent Jewellery Set Off Metal Detectors?

Permanent jewelry, especially those made from metals like gold, silver, or platinum, is unlikely to set off standard metal detectors at airports or security checkpoints. These detectors are typically calibrated to ignore small amounts of metal to accommodate everyday items like jewelry.

How Do I Care for My Permanent Jewellery?

Caring for your permanent jewelry involves regular cleaning and inspection; use a soft cloth and appropriate cleaning solutions to keep your jewelry shining, and make sure to avoid harsh chemicals and physical activities that could damage it. It's also wise to consult with your jeweler for specific care instructions based on the metal and design of your piece.

Will My Permanent Jewellery Stretch or Sag Over Time?

The risk of stretching or sagging largely depends on the type of jewelry and its material; naturally, high-quality metals and well-crafted designs minimize these risks. However, bracelets and necklaces might require adjustments over time due to natural body changes or the metal's wear and tear.

What Happens If I Need an MRI or Surgery?

In medical situations requiring an MRI, surgery, or other procedures, it's important to inform your healthcare provider about your permanent jewelry. Most pieces made from gold, silver, or platinum are MRI safe, but it's essential to consult with medical professionals and a jeweler if removal or special precautions are necessary.


How Much Does Permanent Jewellery Cost?

The cost spectrum for permanent jewelry is broad, influenced by factors like material, design complexity, and the jeweler's expertise. Simple designs in less expensive materials can be quite accessible, while bespoke pieces crafted from precious metals and stones may command higher prices.

And if you’re a jewelry crafter, you can also turn your hobby into a fun side hustle and make good money doing so - provided that you use the right materials and techniques. So if you're ready to explore the enduring beauty of permanent jewelry or are looking to refine your jewelry-making skills, dive into our guide to precise jewelry soldering to get started.


Can You Remove Permanent Jewellery?

Finally, while the intent behind permanent jewelry is for it to be a lifelong adornment, circumstances may necessitate its removal. Whether due to medical reasons, changing tastes, or other personal reasons, these pieces can be safely removed by a professional jeweler. That being said, this process should be approached with care to preserve the integrity of both the jewelry and the skin.


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