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Use Preciosa Flatback Crystals to upgrade your Fascinator

July 11, 2023 4 min read

Use Preciosa Flatback Crystals to upgrade your Fascinator

Are you attending a wedding or any other formal occasion soon and want to use Preciosa Flatback Crystals to help your outfit shine as much as your personality? If yes, then it's important to keep in mind that every little detail about your outfit matters: from your shoes to your hair accessories, everything must complement your look. 

Here's where fascinators come in – these statement hair accessories are the perfect way to elevate your formal wear, and they offer a perfect opportunity for a touch of sparkle. Not only do Preciosa Flatback Crystals add an elegant touch to your fascinator, but they also reflect the light beautifully and will catch the eye of everyone in attendance with every turn and tilt of your head. You can expect to receive compliments on your stunning headpiece all night long! Keep reading for our tutorial on creating this look at home. 


A Fascinator Is a Great Alternative to a Hat

So, what is a fascinator? Put simply, a fascinator is a small headpiece that's usually worn to formal events, and it's a great alternative to a hat. They're known for being versatile, making them an excellent choice for any woman who wants to feel feminine and fashionable, and who also wants to put effort into her hairdo for the special event! 

At weddings in particular, fascinators are a popular choice among guests, especially those attending a bridal party. The bride can also wear a fascinator to match her bridal gown, and with the right colour and style, it can add an air of lightweight grace to her outfit. If you're attending a wedding in spring, we suggest opting for a pink fascinator as it's the perfect colour to add a pop of femininity and seasonal elegance to your outfit. For autumn weddings, deeper tones like emerald, camel and burgundy work wonders - especially if you top them off with a gorgeous Preciosa burgundy crystal!

While it’s easy to find fascinators on the high street, finding the one that perfectly fits your dazzling personality can be tricky. This is why we recommend rhinestone embellishment with Preciosa flatback crystals - this upgrade turns any fascinator from a  charming headpiece into a stunning and unique wedding look. 


What are Preciosa Flatback Crystals?

Preciosa Crystals are high-quality rhinestones, recognised globally for their precision-cut facets and superior sparkle. Produced by Preciosa, a world-renowned Czech brand known for its tradition of glassmaking, these flatback crystals exemplify craftsmanship and quality. Designed with a flat reverse side, they can be easily adhered to a variety of surfaces, making them highly versatile for various applications. 

They also come in an array of sizes, colours, and cuts, opening up endless possibilities for personalisation and design. Whether you're enhancing clothing, accessories, or decor items, Preciosa Flatback Crystals provide an accessible way to add luxurious sparkle and an element of sophistication to any design.


Dazzle your Fascinator with Preciosa Flatback Crystals

So, how can you turn your fascinator into a gleaming, colourful statement piece using Preciosa crystals? Here’s our step-by-step guide:


You'll need a fascinator, Preciosa Non-Hotfix Flatback Crystals in your desired sizes and colours, a good quality craft glue suitable for fabric, tweezers, and a toothpick or a rhinestone picker.


Before you start, plan your design. Arrange the crystals on your fascinator without glue to determine the placement and pattern. Consider a mix of sizes for added visual interest.


Using the toothpick or rhinestone picker, apply a small amount of glue to the fascinator where you plan to place the first crystal. Be careful not to use too much glue, as it can overspill and dull the sparkle of the crystal.


Use the tweezers to pick up a crystal, ensuring it is right side up, and carefully place it on the glue spot. Press lightly to ensure a firm bond.


Continue this process, working in small sections until your design is complete. Remember to allow enough time for the glue to dry fully before wearing or storing the fascinator.

The beauty of this DIY project is that it can be as simple or as intricate as you like. Whether you opt for a minimalist look with a few strategically placed crystals or choose to fully encrust your fascinator with an array of sparkling Preciosa Flatbacks, the result will surely add a glamorous touch to any outfit.


Get Inspired with Bluestreak Crystals

Feeling creative but lacking inspiration? Check out the Bluestreak Crystals YouTube channel for inspiration and step by step crystal embellishment and crafting tutorials. The video tutorial below shows how you can add sparkle to a fascinator with Preciosa Flat Back Crystals:



We encourage you to explore our Bluestreak Crystals Projects for more step by step tutorials. Also be sure to follow us on Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok and YouTube where we frequently upload short form videos, designed to inform and entertain, and help to perfect your own creations! Plenty of inspiration awaits and we love to see your creations on social media, so be sure to tag @bluestreakcrystals when you share your sparkling creations. Good luck!


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