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Necklace Lengths: How to Choose the Right Size

March 31, 2024 4 min read

Necklace Lengths: How to Choose the Right Size

The right necklace can turn any outfit into a head-turning statement ensemble, whether it’s a subtle touch of elegance for the office or a bold piece for an evening out. But with so many options available, how do you choose the perfect necklace length that complements your style and physique? In this following guide, we're going to explore various necklace lengths, from the snug choker to the dramatic rope, and provide you with tips on selecting the ideal size for your jewelry collection. Let’s dive in!


Importance of Choosing the Right Necklace Length

Selecting the correct necklace length is key not only for aesthetics but also for comfort and versatility; the right length can accentuate your best features, match perfectly with different outfits, and express your personal style, so whether you're adding a piece to your own collection or choosing a gift for someone special, understanding necklace lengths will ensure you make the perfect choice.


Types of Necklace Lengths


Typically measuring 14-16 inches, chokers sit snugly around the neck. They're perfect for drawing attention to the neckline and pair well with open-collar shirts or off-the-shoulder tops.

Princess Length

At 18-20 inches, the princess length is one of the most popular choices; this necklace hangs just below the collarbone, offering a versatile option that complements both casual and formal wear.

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Matinee Length

Matinee necklaces, measuring 20-24 inches, fall between the collarbone and the bust. They're ideal for business or professional settings, adding elegance without overpowering your look.

Opera Length

Ranging from 28 to 34 inches, opera-length necklaces are perfect for adding sophistication to evening wear. They can be worn as a single strand or doubled up for a more casual look - but they’re certainly more on the daring side!

Rope Length

Exceeding 45 inches, rope necklaces are the longest and most versatile of all necklace lengths; they can be looped multiple times for a layered effect, or knotted at the neckline for a vintage vibe. Do note that rope length necklaces may be more prone to damage or tarnishing given how low they hang on the body, so make sure to check out our blog on effective ways to clean your necklace for our expert guidance and advice.


How to Choose the Right Necklace Length

Consider Your Body Type

While there’s no limit on what kind of jewelry you can wear based on your physical appearance, it is true that your height and body shape can influence how a necklace looks on you. For instance, petite individuals may prefer shorter lengths that don’t overwhelm their frame, while taller people can carry off longer lengths with ease.

Neckline Compatibility

You should also think about the types of tops and dresses you wear most often; different necklace lengths complement different necklines. For example, chokers pair well with strapless tops, while opera-length necklaces are stunning with high necklines.

Personal Style and Preference

Ultimately, the best necklace length for you is one that reflects your personal style. Whether you love the statement-making drama of a long necklace or prefer the simplicity of a choker, choose a length that you feel comfortable and confident wearing.


The Bottom Line

Ultimately, choosing the right necklace length is about balancing personal style, comfort, and the physical dimensions of both the necklace and the wearer. With our guide, we hope you feel equipped to select the perfect piece to complement your jewelry collection.

Remember, the right necklace can transform any look, elevating your style and adding a touch of elegance to every moment. Choose wisely, wear proudly, and let your jewelry make the statement for you.



Can I wear multiple necklaces of different lengths at once?

Absolutely! Layering necklaces of different lengths can create a dynamic and personalized look. Start with a shorter necklace, like a choker, and add longer pieces for depth. Just ensure the styles and metals complement each other to maintain a cohesive appearance.

How should I store my necklaces to prevent tangling?

Storing necklaces properly is key to keeping them in pristine condition. Use individual hooks or a jewelry organizer with separate compartments for each necklace. For travel, consider a jewelry roll with distinct sections for different pieces to prevent tangling and damage.

Are there any tips for choosing a necklace length as a gift?

When choosing a necklace length as a gift, consider the recipient's fashion style and the types of clothing they typically wear. A princess length is a safe and versatile choice, as it works well with a variety of necklines and occasions. Additionally, take note of any necklaces they currently wear to gauge their preferred lengths.

How do I adjust a necklace that’s too long or too short?

If you have a necklace that’s not the perfect length, there are a few solutions. For necklaces that are too long, you can try looping them to create a layered look or use a necklace shortener, a small accessory that allows you to adjust the length without permanently altering it. For necklaces that are too short, consider adding an extender, a piece of chain that attaches to the existing clasp, providing additional length and flexibility.


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