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If you work in an industry that has anything to do with sparkle; whether it’s jewellery, chandeliers, showbusiness, cars, home furnishings, fashion design or cosmetic beauty, odds are you are aware of Swarovski and their famous crystals. The potency of the Swarovski brand is the result of over a century of market leading crystal innovation and very recently, there was an industry shaking shift in who was allowed to distribute and purchase these highly desirable products.


bluestreak crystals is a Swarovski Authorised Distribution Partner where you can purchase the full range of Swarovski crystals


We are delighted to confirm that Bluestreak Crystals is one of very few worldwide Authorised Swarovski Distribution Partners that continue to sell the entire range of Swarovski Crystals to approved customers on the planet and that gives us a unique position. We will explain what has changed, the benefits of using Swarovski crystals, the range of Swarovski Crystals available, how to establish if you yourself can continue to use Swarovski crystals, and where to Apply Online.


A Legacy Of Luxury By Swarovski

Swarovski products stand apart from the rest of the crystal market for several reasons, primarily it is their attention to detail and sheer dazzling quality, but it is also the power of their branding! Swarovski Crystals are as famous as Tiffany’s and Coca Cola thanks to their heavy involvement in some of histories highest grossing movies.


legacy of luxury using Swarovski Crystals for the leading lady - continue to purchase Swarovski Crystals at Bluestreak Crystals


Swarovski can be found worn by Marylin Monroe in ‘Gentlemen Prefer Blondes’ (1953), modelled by Audrey Hepburn in ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ (1961), around the neck of Kate Winslet in ‘Titanic’ (1997), all over the risqué outfits worn by Nicole Kidman in ‘Moulin rouge’ (2001) and gracing the hemline of Emma Watsons’ famous yellow ballgown in ‘Beauty and the Beast’ (2017) to name a few. In other words, the glamorous leading lady in your favourite film is probably sparkling because of Swarovski crystals.

It all began when Daniel Swarovski left his role in the well-established glass cutting industries of the day and founded his own crystal business in 1895. Nestled between the Alps of Austria and armed with his new patented hydroelectric grinding technology, Swarovski has made constant efforts to stay at the heart of glass cutting progress and the goal was ambitious.

Daniel Swarovski’s original vision of “A diamond for everyone” was a radical concept that cut across class divides. Before the cut-glass crystal was elevated to the standards we know today, if you wanted something that genuinely looked like a diamond, you would have to find a real, natural, cut diamond; and these were rare and expensive and typically limited to royalty or the extremely wealthy.

Swarovski® is the premium brand for the finest crystal embellishments and is recognised for its innovation excellence and collaborations with top-class designers and brands in the fashion, jewellery, accessories, and interior design industries across the globe. Available in a myriad of colours, effects, shapes and sizes, crystals from Swarovski offer a fabulous palette of inspiration and are produced according to the innovative lead-free* Advanced Crystal standard (*Crystal glass and all after materials containing 0.009% lead or less).


Changes To The Supply Of Swarovski Crystals

In October 2021 decisions were made to limit who would be allowed to purchase and use their cut glass crystals going forward. Now Swarovski Components (Flat Backs, Pearls, Round Stones, Fancy Stones, Beads etc.) are only available to customers who comply with strict requirements aligning with Swarovski’s high-quality standards. The main reason for this change was to re-vitalise their brand as one of elite quality.

As a result of these changes, Swarovski Crystals are only available to select brands, businesses and individuals, who accept that the purchase of Swarovski components does not allow them to use the Swarovski brand name to market their products. If you are willing to accept the new brand restrictions and sign a Brand Control Agreement with Swarovski, we can continue to supply you with Swarovski Crystals: 


  • Approval is restricted to brands, businesses or professionals that create a finished product or create a finished design as part of a service, and are willing to sign a Brand Control Agreement with Swarovski - Apply Online.
  • If you have already gained approval through another supplier - Apply Online + Include your Global Sourcing Key (GSK).
  • If you don't meet the requirements or choose not to apply, we sell a wide range of high-quality brands of crystals by Serinity, Preciosa and Estella, which can be purchased via our online shop without any restrictions - for more information see About Our Crystals.


Apply Online To Buy Swarovski Crystals

Any brand, business or professional wishing to continue to use Swarovski Crystals are now required to complete the Application Form at the bottom of this page. As part of the application process there are some key questions that help confirm if your brand or business meets the requirements:


  • Are you willing to sign a Brand Control Agreement with Swarovski?
  • Can you provide website and / or social media links, where your finished products or service can be viewed?
  • Do you accept that you cannot mention the crystals are made by Swarovski or use any of the imagery that is associated with the Swarovski brand? 


Benefits Of Purchasing Swarovski Crystals

Continue to buy Swarovski crystals at Bluestreak crystals, register online today and gain approval

We receive frequent applications from companies wishing to purchase Swarovski Crystals, this is because the rules may be strict, but the quality of the crystals you can then use in your products, will be the best. That will benefit your business because your products will contain the highest quality crystals and therefore the quality of your own product will be elevated.


Other benefits include:

  • Use of the highest quality crystals in the world, made by state of the art technologies
  • Access to the largest range of crystal shapes, sizes and colours, with new products continuously launched twice per year
  • Colours are consistent across all products and sizes, with negligible deviations
  • Stringent quality controls and tight tolerances ensure there are no scratches, bubbles or chipped edges on the crystals
  • Made using sustainable ingredients with responsible sourcing
  • Comprehensive support with Swarovski Application Manuals, Swarovski Digital Colour Charts and a Sample Service


Swarovski Approved Customers

Once your application form has been submitted, we normally assess and reply to your application within 24 hours. If you have been successful at this stage, your application is provisionally approved and full onboarding with Swarovski takes approximately one week.

Once your brand / business has been fully approved a global sourcing key (GSK) is assigned to your business, only at this point can we provide you with access to purchase Swarovski crystals from our online shop.

The full range of Swarovski crystals can be purchased in retail, mixed and wholesale packs of crystals, alongside our other ranges of crystals, findings, tools and accessories, allowing you to checkout with everything you need in one go. In addition,we are now permitted to hold stock of Swarovski Crystals and can dispatch orders much faster.


Largest Range Of Swarovski Crystals

Once you have gained approval to purchase Swarovski Crystals, we can supply you with the entire range of Swarovski beads and crystals in retail, mixed and wholesale packs, including, but not limited to the following product categories

Swarovski Crystal Banding

Swarovski Crystal Beads

Swarovski Cubic Zirconia

Swarovski Rhinestones Chart

Swarovski Non Hotfix Rhinestones

Swarovski Hotfix Flat Back Crystals


        Application Form To Purchase Swarovski Crystals

        To purchase Swarovski Crystals, please complete the application form below (note: fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory).

        All applications are reviewed within 24 hours and you will receive a reply via email once that review is complete. In some instances, we may ask for more information.



        Frequently Asked Questions

        You will find below many of the frequently asked questions that customers raise when they are going through the application and onboarding process to purchase Swarovski Crystals:


        What is a Brand Control Agreement (BCA)?

        As part of the onboarding process with Swarovski, you will be asked to sign a Brand Control Agreement. The contract specifies that you are no longer allowed to use the 'Swarovski' brands and trademarks when advertising or selling your finished products.

        How long does it take to be approved to purchase Swarovski Crystals?

        We have streamlined the process over the past year. Your initial application is reviewed within 24 hours and you will receive an email indicating if your application has been successful or not, or if we require further information. After the initial review, the full onboarding takes approximately one week to complete.

        I have submitted my application, can I now order Swarovski Crystals?

        Unfortunately not. We can only provide you with access to purchase Swarovski Crystals from us once the onboarding process with Swarovski is complete and a Global Sourcing Key (GSK) has been assigned to your business.

        How will I know when I can start ordering Swarovski Crystal Components?

        You will receive a welcome email from us informing you that your business has been fully approved by Swarovski and a Global Sourcing Key (GSK) has been assigned to your business. At this point your existing account is updated or a new account is created for you so that you can purchase Swarovski Crystals from our website.

        My business was approved through another partner, how can I buy Swarovski Crystals from you?

        Simply complete the Application Form above and include the Global Sourcing Key (GSK) that was assigned to your business. If you do not know your GSK, your existing supplier can provide this to you.

        Is there a minimum order quantity (MOQ) to purchase Swarovski Crystals?

        No, we do not operate a minimum order requirement to purchase any of our brands of crystals, including Swarovski. You can order as few or as many Swarovski Crystals as required for your project.

        Can I apply to purchase Swarovski Crystals if my business does not have a website or social media account?

        During the onboarding process we have to see evidence of your finished products for sale on a website and / or social media account. It is important that the link to one of these is included in your application. Exceptions may be made, if other evidence can be provided to substantiate that you are creating a finished product i.e. manufacturing.

        As part of my business I apply crystals to nails, can I continue to purchase Swarovski Crystals?

        The approval criteria changed on 8 August 2023 and Swarovski Crystals are now available to Nail Artists, Nail Technicians and Nail Salons utilising crystals exclusively for the use on finished nail design.

        As part of my business I apply crystals to teeth, can I continue to purchase Swarovski Crystals?

        The approval criteria changed on 8 August 2023 and the use of Swarovski Crystals on teeth is now approved for professional Teeth Technicians.