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Serinity Crystals® Authorised Distribution Partner

Serinity Crystals Authorised Distribution Partner - Bluestreak Crystals
Buy with confidence. Bluestreak Crystals® is one of very few Serinity Authorised Distribution Partners worldwide, so you can be certain that your purchase from our online shop and mobile app contains genuine Serinity Crystals® and our prices are competitive.

In addition, we are proud to offer the largest range of Serinity Crystals® online to retail and wholesale customers. We offer you the opportunity to purchase every shape, size and colour of crystal made by Serinity, while our competitors only offer a limited selection.

Our customer service team has excellent product knowledge of the Serinity Crystals® range and we pride ourselves on our high standards and customer service.


Serinity Authorised Distribution Partner Certificate

You can find our Serinity Crystals® Authorised Distribution Partner Certificate below, which shows that Bluestreak Crystals® has met the high standards required to be a supplier and partner with Serinity.


Bluestreak Crystals Authorised Distribution Partner for Serinity Crystals