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Bluestreak Crystals® Environmental Credentials

Bluestreak crystals are taking steps to ensure they are as environmentally friendly as possible with products and packaging


We are very conscious of the increased risk to the environment and planet, and have made many changes to the business to ensure we are operating in the best way to reduce the impact on the environment by using recyclable materials where possible, reducing waste and using energy efficient / fossil free energy sources.



  • Bluestreak Crystal Bags are made using recyclable plastic
  • Paper wholesale packaging for Serinity and Estella Crystals is recyclable

Offices use energy efficient heating / cooling:

  • Air source heat and cooling pumps
  • Wood pellet boiler

Crystals from all of our manufacturers / brands:

  • Lead free, they all contain less than 0.009% lead
  • Manufactured using ethically sourced materials



Preciosa products that carry the Lead-Free Brilliance symbol contain less than 0.009% lead (< 90 ppm) and are made according to the highest environmental and sustainable manufacturing practices. These premium products meet the most stringent industry standards and international safety certifications.

For further information on product ingredients, please check the Preciosa website or contact our customer service team.

Over the past decade, many of Preciosa’s key facilities have been refurbished with cleaner technology and outfitted with environmentally sensitive solutions. Investment into alternative fuels and new non-gas burners has reduced Preciosa Components’ emission of nitrogen-oxide by nearly 50% during the past three years alone. Highlights include:


  • 40% reduction in waste since 2010
  • 50% reduction in water consumption since 2010
  • 50% reduction in nitrogen oxide emissions since 2017



Advanced Crystal Lead Free formula, containing less than 0.009% lead,has changed the DNA of crystal while still offering the same sparkle and brilliance as the world's leading brand. In addition, Serinity Pearls offer an alternative to fresh water pearls that are suitable for vegans.

For further information on product ingredients, please check the Serinity website or contact our customer service team.

Manufacturing facilities in Austria make use of renewable energy including hydropower and solar power. Annual usage of renewable energy and their sources is included in the Sustainability Report. Highlights include:


  • Newly installed cleaning and drying processes use 20% less chemicals and recycle 90% of the heat produced during the water cycle
  • New drying equipment requires 30% less energy than the old drying system
  • Burners that melt crystal glass use oxygen fuel technology, significantly reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions compared to conventional air combustion
  • 76% of the total water demand in recent years was met with recycled water across our manufacturing and production locations