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Essential Tips for Working with Swarovski Hotfix Crystals

July 02, 2019

Essential Tips for Working with Swarovski Hotfix Crystals

Swarovski hotfix crystals can be used in a lot of different types of projects. Forming a strong bond onto the surfaces they’re adhered to, they’re great for using in a professional setting, where durability and quality are a necessity.

If you’re planning on using these types of crystals, it helps to do a little research to ensure you know how to use them effectively. To help get you started, below you’ll discover some essential tips for working with Swarovski hotfix crystals.

Which materials can you use with hotfix application?

Generally speaking, you can use Swarovski hotfix crystals on any materials which absorb adhesive. You can check this by carrying out a very simple water test. Place a couple of drops of water onto the material you plan to work with and see if it is easily absorbed. If it is, you can safely use it for the application of hotfix crystals.

If a material you wanted to work with doesn’t absorb the water, you could always try giving it a wash without fabric softener. Sometimes after being washed, it eliminates any unsuitable finishes on the material, making it much more absorbent as a result.

Handling the crystals

When it comes to handling Swarovski hotfix crystals, you’ll want to make sure you have a few tools at your disposal.

Firstly, it’s good to have a crystal sorter. This will help to keep all of your loose crystals organised and easy to reach. You’ll also want to invest in a good hotfix crystal applicator tool. At Bluestreak Crystals, we have some of the best quality applicators on the market. These help to grab the crystal, while keeping it in place as you apply it precisely onto the material.

It’s very important to remember that if the crystal gets stuck in the applicator, not to try and move it with your hands. When in use, the applicator tool becomes very hot, so you’ll burn your fingers if you do attempt to grab it. Instead, use a pair of tweezers to safely remove the crystal from the applicator.

Working with crystal mesh

If you’re working with crystal mesh, rather than the loose crystals, it’s important not to remove the film backing. This holds the crystals in place ready for application. Instead, cut between the rows of crystals with a knife to separate them.

Swarovski hotfix crystals can help you to create all kinds of glitzy projects. The above tips will ensure you use them properly and end up with the best results.


Bluestreak Crystals® Crystal Size Chart

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