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Glam Up Your Soft Furnishings with Swarovski Bicones

September 18, 2019

Glam Up Your Soft Furnishings with Swarovski Bicones

Want to give your home furnishings a stylish makeover? Swarovski bicones can be a great way to add a unique and glamorous twist to your everyday furnishings.

Here, you’ll discover how to glam up your soft furnishings with Swarovski bicones, along with a few great design ideas.

What are Swarovski bicones?

Swarovski bicones are one of the most popular collections of Swarovski beads you can buy. They’re available in more than 200 different colours and effects, giving you unlimited design options.

They feature small rounded holes for easy threading, and to enhance durability. The rounded holes reduce the amount of wear and tear placed upon the thread, guaranteeing a longer lasting finish.

How to use them in your soft furnishings

Swarovski bicones are largely used in jewellery creations. However, they can also be used to glam up your soft furnishings. This is because the holes featured in the beads enable you to either thread or sew them onto your projects. So, how exactly can they be used in soft furnishing designs?

You can use the beads to glam up a variety of soft furnishings, including cushion covers, throws, curtains and tablecloths. The sheer number of colour options available means you can create a huge variety of different styles. So whether you’re looking to create elegant soft furnishings, or more retro designs, you’ll find Swarovski bicones to match your design project.

To use them on your soft furnishings, you’ll need good quality thread and sewing equipment.  

Great design ideas

Now you know what Swarovski bicones are, and how they can be used to glam up soft furnishings, let’s take a brief look at some design ideas.

Transforming your cushion covers is probably one of the easiest ways to use Swarovski bicones in your soft furnishings. You’ll be working with a fairly small surface area, making them a great project for beginners. You can either use the beads along the edges of the cushion cover for a simple makeover, or create a more complex pattern in the centre of the cover. 

Other design ideas include using Swarovski bicones along the bottom of a bed throw, or using them to create unique, glamorous curtains. Take a look online for home furnishing Swarovski bicones ideas. Don’t forget, you can purchase these popular beads in wholesale packs as well as single packs. Why not invest in multiple colours and effects for your home furnishing projects? Browse the full range of Swarovski bicones here.


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