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Swarovski Crystals Festival Ready Cowprint Boots Rhinestone Embellishment

April 19, 2024 3 min read

Cow print heeled boots rhinestone embellished with Smoked Amber Swarovski Crystals from Bluestreak Crystals

Transform Your Heeled Boots with Swarovski Crystals

Looking to add some sparkle and shine to your wardrobe? Why not try rhinestone embellishing your own pair of cow print heeled boots with Swarovski crystals! Not only will this DIY project give your boots a unique and eye-catching look, but it will also have you festival ready in no time.

Cow print has been a popular trend for quite some time now, and what better way to take it up a notch than by adding some crystals to the mix. Whether you're channelling your inner cowboy or just want to stand out in a crowd, rhinestone embellished cow print boots are sure to turn heads.


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Component List:

The full list of Swarovski crystals, components and tools needed to complete this project can be found below. If you click on the product description (link), the respective product page will open, where each item can be viewed and added to cart:


Component Image
Component Name / Link To Purchase
Component Quantity
Cow print boots of your choice for rhinestone embellishment with Swarovski crystals
Cow print boots of your choice x 1
Swarovski Rhinestones Non Hotfix Smoked Amber SS16
Swarovski Rhinestones Non Hotfix Smoked Amber SS16 3 x Wholesale Packs
Magic Sorting Tray
Magic Sorting Tray
x 1
wax picker pen for flat back crystals Wax Crystal Picker Tool
x 1
E6000 Plus Glue Kit E6000 Plus Glue Kit
x 1




Step 1

Gather your supplies and prepare the boots

Gather you supplies and begin by wiping away any dust on the boot with a damp cloth and leaving it to dry.

Step 2

Prepare the glue

Fill the Crystal FX Glue Syringe with enough E6000 Plus Resin Glue for your project, be careful to not take more glue than you need. The easiest way to do this is to place the end of the syringe inside the nozzle of the E6000 Plus glue tube and pull the plunger on the syringe while gently squeezing the tube of glue. This will transfer the glue from the tube to the syringe with minimal mess and exposure to the air.

Step 3

Guard against air bubbles in the glue syringe

Once the glue is transferred you are likely to have a small air bubble in the syringe, hold the syringe vertically so that the bubble floats to the opening at top and gently push on the stopper, pushing the air out until there is only glue left inside. You can then attach the needle tip, completing the syringe.

Step 4

Give yourself a guide for your design

For this project we are following the design of the cow print spots. Determine which spots you would like to cover completely and which ones you would like to only apply an outline to. We alternated between outline, full coverage and leaving the smaller sized patches bare.  

Step 5

Apply the glue

Use the loaded syringe to squeeze out a thin layer of glue onto one side of the boot on the faux leather, drawing out your chosen design and leaving it for 5 to 10 minutes to get tacky. Be careful to not apply too much, otherwise you will risk the glue running in unwanted directions. We also advise doing this stage in small sections when working on three dimensional objects, such as the toe and heel of the boot, to minimise the risk of accidentally touching the glue while it’s still wet.

Step 6

Place the crystals

Use the Wax Picker Tool to gently place the Smoked Amber Swarovski Crystals onto the glue. Try to keep the crystals close together with as few gaps as possible for best effect. It is best to start with outlining and then filling in for the neatest effect.


Let the glue dry

Tidy up the edges with Isopropyl alcohol if needed and let it dry overnight, once the glue is safely dry you can turn the boot over and to the same on the other side.


Congratulations you have completed the project !


So why wait? Grab your supplies and get ready to dazzle in your one-of-a-kind boots. Whether you're hitting up a music festival or just want to add some flair to your everyday look, these rhinestone embellished cow print boots are sure to be a hit. Get ready to shine bright like a diamond!