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Swarovski Crystals: What Is The Best Alternative?

July 16, 2022 2 min read

What Is The Best Alternative To Swarovski Crystals?

It is a very common story; for years you have been happily using Swarovski Crystals for your nail art or rhinestone embellishment business and your customers love the quality of your work. This is because you are highly skilled at your chosen craft and because of the famous sparkle that you thought only Swarovski Crystals can provide.

Times have changed and your application to be able to continue purchasing the now intensely exclusive Swarovski branded Crystals has been denied. The bulk purchase that you bought while you still could is running out and despite the supply issue, your customers continue to expect that high standard from your work. Your business needs to survive. What can you do?

We at Bluestreak Crystals have been working tirelessly behind the scenes, investigating every avenue possible to be able to provide you with replacement ranges and we are certain you will be pleased with our new range of crystals.


Serinity Crystals - Identical Quality & Sparkle

If you have not tried our Serinity Crystals yet, now is the time to do so. When a Serinity rhinestone is placed side by side with Swarovski Crystals, there is no visible difference. We have a fast growing customer base of market leaders who have all converted and no one is looking back! The reference codes are the same as well, so if you remember using the 2304 6mm Raindrop flatback in Blush Rose you can find it and the size and colour will be the same. It will feel like you are still using Swarovski.

See Serinity Crystal AB shine in this nail art themed YouTube Short:



Preciosa Crystals - A Great Alternative

Serinity is the top end of the selection of brands we have available, the next option is the well established Preciosa Crystals collection. This range includes rhinestones in all of the SS sizes you are familiar with and various flatback shapes, along with pearls, pendants, beads and more. Preciosa has been manufactured in the historic Crystal Valley of the Czech Republic for hundreds of years and this wealth of experience shows in the quality of their products. Preciosa rhinestones have some slight differences compared to Swarovski, however the vastness of the range will surely impress.


Estella Crystals - The Budget Option

In a world where cost is of ever greater importance, we wanted to include an option for every budget; our most affordable option is the Estella Crystals range. Estella rhinestones come in a great rainbow of colour options and you will find flatbacks, beads, pendants and fully drilled pearls. We have a breakdown of the comparisons in the ‘About Our Crystals’ section on our website and we sell colour charts for all three brands, so you can see for yourself how they compare and complement each other.


Check out our most popular Serinity Flatback Rhinestones Crystals


Serinity Rhinestones Flat Back Crystals