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Craft Projects For Christmas / Thanksgiving

November 14, 2022 2 min read

Crafting, Embellishment and Jewellery making projects to enjoy with the family on Thanksgiving or Christmas

When spending time with loved ones this holiday season, be it for Thanksgiving or Christmas, you can now build new happy memories that will be captured in the form of a beautiful hand-crafted memento. We have called these activities the Bluestreak Crystals Craft Projects and they can be a refreshing craft-based alternative to ‘that’ board game the family has played every year for that last decade and with these activities, no one loses.

We at Bluestreak Crystals are frequently adding to our ever-expanding collection of fun and satisfying craft projects for you to enjoy. They range in difficulty from the super speedy 10-minute crafts that will give you a cute set of sparkly earrings, to the more ambitious pieces where you can settle in for several hours of therapeutic crafting.


Download Our Projects For Free

These projects are downloadable PDFs that can be found in the education section of our website, and they will guide you through these activities in bite sizes steps. These handy guides also provide a list of all of the components you will need, from the jewellery making tools right down to specific Flatback Crystals from across our Serinity, Preciosa and Estella ranges. All of these items can be found here on our Bluestreak crystals website and the only exceptions might be the item being decorated, such as items of clothing which you would use the project to customise with crystals.

At the beginning of the Project, you will find an image example of what you can expect to achieve and you might recognise some of them if you follow us on YouTube, Instagram or TikTok! We often post these projects across our various feeds so if you are hoping to find an easy to follow one-minute-long tutorial video, be sure to like and subscribe!


Inspiration To Build Confidence

These projects are here to offer inspiration and an opportunity to build your confidence if you are new to the world of crystal embellishment or jewellery making. If you or someone you know is curious about how to make a pendant necklace you could buy the needed components and gift it to them with the project included as a personal hamper.

If you are a bit more confident in your creativity, please don’t feel restricted by the selections specified in the component list. Allow this list instead to be a framework in which you customise the colours and shapes and create something truly unique!

Visit the Bluestreak Crystals Projects page and discover your next hobby, sparkle is guaranteed!