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How Swarovski Crystals Can Help Your Jewellery Business

May 29, 2022 2 min read

How Swarovski Crystals Can Help Your Jewellery Business, apply online and continue to buy Swarovski crystals

If you have a jewellery business and want to expand or diversify your ranges, Swarovski crystals could be just the addition you’re looking for. These beautiful crystals are high quality, striking and versatile. You can use them to make many different items of jewellery such as earrings, necklaces, and tiaras. With a little practice, using Swarovski crystals could help to build and transform your jewellery business.


Gain Approval To Buy Swarovski Crystals

From October 2021 Swarovski made strategic changes to their wholesale business and supply chain. Bluestreak Crystals is now one of very few Swarovski Distribution Partners worldwide that continue to sell the entire range of Swarovski crystals to approved customers. If your business is creating a finished product using Swarovski crystals, apply online today and continue to buy the highest quality Swarovski beads and crystals for your product range.

Depending on the type of jewellery you currently make or sell, you may want to take some time to decide which Swarovski crystals you’d like to use, and how. After all, different types of jewellery need different crystals. Make some provisional designs of what you’re aiming to achieve, then have a look through our website for just the right crystals. They come in a variety of colours and sizes, so the design possibilities are endless.


Prepare The Correct Tools

In addition to purchasing the Swarovski crystals themselves, you’ll need to make sure you have the right tools to make the most of them. You may have certain tools that you’re already using for jewellery making, but some might be different. Have a look around at applicator tools, cutters, pliers, strong adhesive, findings, and embellishment sets.

It’s important to use tools that are specifically designed to work with Swarovski crystals. When working with these crystals, you’ll need tools that are safe and compatible, to get the very best results. Trying to double up on tools may seem like a money-saving option, but it can affect the end result – and therefore selling price – of your work.

Do as much research as possible into methods of working with the crystals and the tools you’ll need. Investing some time at the beginning of your Swarovski crystal journey will save time and money in the long run – and will give you the best chance of success when you start to make and sell the new range of jewellery.


Wholesale & Trade

We sell the complete range of Swarovski crystals and all are available in wholesale packs. If you are buying in crystals in bulk, we suggest setting up a trade account with us. For a minimum £200 purchase per order, this account will give you access to the best discounts.

Swarovski crystal jewellery is sure to be popular with your existing client base and is also likely to attract a new market to your business. The crystals are striking and adaptable – you can make a range of jewellery products that will help build your business.