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How to Add Swarovski Crystals to a Veil

May 25, 2023 3 min read

Creating a Wedding Veil with Swarovski Flatback Crystals

Imagine walking down the aisle, your long wedding veil with Swarovski crystals catching the light, creating a shimmering aura around you. This touch of elegance can turn an ordinary veil into a piece of wearable art that will accentuate your bridal glow - and will surely look incredible in all your photos on your big day! 

While it might seem daunting to take on a DIY project for your big day, adding Swarovski crystals to your wedding veil is surprisingly straightforward. In the following guide, we’re going to explain how to add Swarovski crystals to a veil, turning it into a truly sparkling masterpiece - so let’s get started!


Non-hotfix or hotfix Swarovski flatback crystals?

One of the first things you’ll need to decide is whether you’re going to use hotfix or non-hotfix Swarovski flatback crystals. When you’re attaching crystals to fabric, hotfix do tend to be the best option. They attach much more securely, and they can easily be applied with a hotfix applicator.


What you’ll need

Aside from your crystals themselves, here’s what else you’ll need for this project:

  • Precision applicator: To ensure neat application of the adhesive. 
  • Tweezers: Useful for precise placement of the crystals. 
  • Wand - A tool to pick up the crystals
  • Cardboard or Foam Board: To prevent the adhesive from sticking to surfaces underneath. 
  • Design Template (pptional): To plan out your sparkling design. 


Adding Swarovski Crystal to Your Bridal Veil: Step by step guide

Step 1: Plan your design 

Before you start gluing, decide on the pattern or design for your Swarovski crystal wedding veil. You can scatter the crystals randomly for a starry effect or create a specific design. Using a template can be very helpful in this phase. 

Step 2: Prepare your workspace 

Place a piece of cardboard or foam board beneath the section of the veil where you'll be applying crystals to prevent the adhesive from seeping through. Ensure you are working on a flat, clean surface. 

Step 3: Apply the adhesive 

Using a precision applicator, apply a small amount of adhesive to the back of the Swarovski crystal. Take care not to use too much glue as it can seep around the edges and dull the sparkle. 

Step 4: Place the crystals

Use your tweezers or a wax pencil to pick up the crystal and gently place it onto the veil in the desired location. Press down lightly to ensure it adheres securely. Repeat this process, allowing each crystal to dry as you go along, until your design is complete. 

Step 5: Let it dry 

Allow the veil to dry flat for the recommended amount of time as per the adhesive instructions. This is a crucial step to ensure the crystals remain secure on your wedding day - you don’t want any to come off or fail to adhere correctly. Once it’s dry, you’re finished!


Combine them with pearls and beads for a breath-taking finish

When you’re using Swarovski flat back crystals, they can look beautiful on their own. However, if you want to create a truly exquisite wedding veil, you’ll want to consider adding Swarovski pearls or beads into the design. These will add more depth and luxury to the veil. One of the great benefits of creating your own veil is that you can pick up a cheap basic veil and save money by glitzing it up yourself.

Swarovski pearls will look especially beautiful on a veil: you can pick up hotfix pearls which you can apply in the same way as hotfix flatback crystals. You can find plenty of design inspiration by searching online. You’ll also find tutorials telling you how to make them if you need a little help.

Whether you're crafting a bridal veil with Swarovski crystals or designing for someone else, this touch of brilliance will not only personalize the veil but also turn it into a cherished keepsake for years to come. And if you’re looking for the largest selections of Swarovski Crystal Beads, why not browse our full range of Swarovski flatback crystals today? You can even save money by buying them from us in wholesale packs.

Remember, whether you're going for a long wedding veil with Swarovski crystals, or a shorter, more understated design, the process remains the same. And the result? An exquisite Swarovski crystal wedding veil that elevates your bridal look to a whole new level of elegance.


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