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Halloween Barbie Bling With Serinity Rhinestones

October 26, 2022 3 min read

Barbie Bling Transformation for Halloween with Serinity Rhinestones

Halloween is an extra exciting time of year for the Bluestreak Crystals Studio because for the duration of the season, dark glamour is the new normal and we get to try something... a little bit different with Serinity Rhinestones.

This Halloween, join us as we transform a humble Barbie doll into a glamorously gothic Zombie Bride, complete with a repaint makeover and lightening embellishments on a gown hand sewn from scratch! This simple step by step tutorial will guide you through the basics of this craft and you can watch our two part video series on TikTok.



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We begin with a makeover and a whole new dress…

Take a pre-loved doll and make sure they are clean and brushed before you begin repainting. If the hair is particularly frazzled, you can soak the hair in a combination of warm water and fabric softener overnight and this will act like hair conditioner. To repaint the face, you can use acetone to remove the factory paint or just paint over what is already there. Use matt clear spay polish to give the doll a surface texture that you can easily draw / paint onto. Water colour pencils and acrylic paint with super fine brushes are perfect for achieving the blended colours and fine details in your new custom look.

Craft the outfit using simple sewing methods and be sure to keep referring back to the doll for establishing a perfect fit. Choose fabrics that are thin as well as textured because the small doll scale means fabric bulk builds up quickly, so less is more!

For the crystal embellishment you will need:

Once the dress is fully sewn into place, lay down tiny amounts of glue and position your crystals in a design of your choice. If the skirt is puffing out more than you would like due to stiff fabric or bulk, you can apply a few larger rhinestones near the hemline, and this will help to weigh the fabric down and achieve a better silhouette.

The great thing about sticking Serinity Rhinestones onto doll is the difference in scale means a little goes a long way, so for a delicate look opt for the smallest available sizes such as SS3 and SS5.

If you embellish costume, dress or fabric as part of your business you can also apply online and gain approval to purchase Swarovski Flatback Crystals. We still sell the entire range of Swarovski Crystals to approved customers.


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