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Nicki Nail Art Design Using Swarovski Crystals

February 03, 2024 4 min read

Nicki Nail Art Design Swarovski Crystals

Unleash Your Inner Fashionista with Rhinestone Nail Art Featuring Swarovski Crystals

Hey there nail enthusiasts and crafty fashionistas! Are you ready to take your nail game to the next level of glam and sophistication? We have a game-changing trend just for you – Rhinestone Nail Art with Swarovski Crystals! Prepare to dazzle and make heads turn with your stunning manicures that ooze luxury, beauty, and fashion-forward statements. In this article, we'll delve into all things bling, learning about the exquisite Swarovski Crystals, exploring the amazing Mega Mix collections, and discovering how you, as a nail technician or DIY crafter, can create breathtaking nails that are nothing short of jaw-dropping.


The Mesmerizing World of Swarovski Crystals for Nail Art:

When it comes to nail art, Swarovski Crystals are the epitome of style, offering an unparalleled level of sparkle and glamour. Their precision-cut facets and immaculate clarity make them the number one choice for nail technicians and fashion enthusiasts alike. Swarovski Crystals stand the test of time, ensuring that your dazzling nail designs remain pristine for longer without losing their breathtaking radiance.


Introducing the Mega Mix Collection:

Prepare to be awe-struck by the Mega Mix collection of Swarovski Crystals specially curated for nail art. This extensive assortment of rhinestones, in several sizes and various shapes will unlock a world of creative possibilities for your nail art creations. You'll have a plethora of options to choose from, allowing you to showcase your artistic skills and personal style.


Swarovski Crystals for Nail Art

Swarovski are now allowing Nail Artists, Nail Technicians, and Nail Salons to purchase Swarovski crystals, for the exclusive use in finished nail designs. Bluestreak Crystals is one of very few worldwide Swarovski Authorised Distribution Partners that continue to sell the complete range of Swarovski Crystals to Brands, Businesses and Professionals. Complete the application form online and use the highest quality crystals for your finished products and services.


Crystal Nail Design:

Swarovski Crystals nail art design diagram showing crystal placement for Nikki crystal nails design

Component List:

The full list of Swarovski Crystals needed to complete this project can be found below. If you click on the product description (link), the respective product page will open, where each item can be viewed and added to cart:


Key Letter Component Image
Component Name / Link To Purchase
Long Nail Quantity
Short Nail Quantity


Swarovski Rhinestones 2058 Round SS5 Crystal Golden Shadow Swarovski Rhinestones 2058 Round SS5 Crystal Golden Shadow x 3 x 2


Swarovski Rhinestones 2058 Round SS7 Crystal Golden Shadow
Swarovski Rhinestones 2058 Round SS7 Crystal Golden Shadow x 1 -


Swarovski Rhinestones 2058 Round SS9 Crystal Golden Shadow
Swarovski Rhinestones 2058 Round SS9 Crystal Golden Shadow x 3 x 1


Swarovski Rhinestones 2205 Flame 14mm Crystal Golden Shadow
Swarovski Rhinestones 2205 Flame 10mm Crystal Golden Shadow x 4 x 2



Achieving Bling-Worthy Nail Designs:

As a nail technician or avid crafter, your creativity knows no bounds when it comes to creating unique and eye-catching nail art. To achieve bling-worthy nail designs with Swarovski Crystals, start by prepping your nails as you would with any regular manicure. Once your base coat, colour, and topcoat are dry, it's time to make your nails come alive!


1. Choose your style

Are you aiming for an elegant touch of glamour or a bold statement? Decide how you want your nails to appear – subtle and classy or avant-garde and flamboyant.

2. Select your Swarovski Crystals

Delve into the Mega Mix collection and pick out the Swarovski Crystals that speak to your creative soul. Experiment with sizes, shapes, and colours to add dimension and visual interest to your masterpiece.

3. Placement is key

With a precision tool or a small dotting tool, carefully apply a small dot of nail glue to your nail where you desire to place the Swarovski Crystal. Gently pick up the crystal using a wax picker or tweezers and place it onto the glue. A little pressure helps secure it in place.

4. Seal the deal:

Once all the crystals and decorations are in place and the glue is dry, apply a layer of topcoat around all of the edges of the crystals to seal the design. This not only adds shine but also helps to keep the crystals in place. Take care not to put topcoat over the top of the crystals, because that will dampen the shine and sparkle.


Embrace the Nail Revolution:

With Swarovski Crystals, the nail art revolution is in full swing, offering endless possibilities for passionate nail technicians and crafters like you. Whether you're creating a show-stopping manicure for a special occasion or simply want to add some extra glitz to your daily life, be bold, be creative, and embrace the beauty and glamour of Swarovski Crystals.

 From fashion runways to everyday nail art enthusiasts, Swarovski Crystals have taken the industry by storm, becoming an integral part of the nail art revolution. As a nail technician or a fashion-forward crafter, this is your chance to unleash your creative genius and transform nails into mesmerizing works of art. Jump on board and embrace the bling, the glitz, and the timeless beauty of Swarovski Crystals—because life should always be this glamorous!