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Chloe Nail Art Design With Serinity Crystals

October 28, 2023 3 min read

Chloe Nail Art Design With Serinity Crystals

Serinity Crystals Nail Art Designs

Serinity crystals have been a go-to choice for many nail technicians and artists when it comes to creating awe-inspiring nail designs. These high-quality crystals are known for their exceptional sparkle, precision-cut facets, and limitless range of colours and sizes. Whether you want to add a subtle hint of bling or go all out with a dazzling masterpiece, Serinity crystals have got you covered.


Swarovski Crystals

Bluestreak Crystals is one of very few worldwide Swarovski Authorised Distribution Partners that continue to sell the complete range of Swarovski Crystals to Brands, Businesses and Professionals. The great news is that Swarovski are now allowing Nail Artists, Nail Technicians, and Nail Salons to purchase Swarovski crystals, for the exclusive use in finished nail designs. Submit the application form online and gain access to the highest quality crystals for your finished products and services.


Crystal Nail Design:

Serinity Crystals nail art design diagram showing crystal placement for Chloe crystal nails design

Component List:

The full list of Serinity Crystals needed to complete this project can be found below. If you click on the product description (link), the respective product page will open, where each item can be viewed and added to cart:


Key Letter Component Image
Component Name / Link To Purchase
Long Nail Quantity
Short Nail Quantity


Serinity Rhinestones 2058 Round SS3 Crystal AB
Serinity Rhinestones 2058 Round SS3 Crystal AB x 14 x 5


Serinity Rhinestones 2058 Round SS4 Crystal AB
Serinity Rhinestones 2058 Round SS4 Crystal AB x 6 x 3


Serinity Rhinestones 2058 Round SS5 Crystal AB
Serinity Rhinestones 2058 Round SS5 Crystal AB x 5 x 2


Serinity rhinestones heart crystal AB
Serinity Rhinestones 2808 Heart 6mm Crystal AB x 2 x 1


Serinity rhinestones flame shape in crystal AB
Serinity Rhinestones 2205 Flame 7.5mm Crystal AB x 2 x 1


Serinity Rhinestones 2058 Round SS9 Crystal AB
Serinity Rhinestones 2058 Round SS9 Crystal AB x 4 x 2


Serinity Rhinestones 2200 Navette 4mm Crystal AB
Serinity Rhinestones 2200 Navette 4mm Crystal AB x 2 x 2


Serinity rhinestones raindrop shape in Crystal AB
Serinity Rhinestones 2304 Raindrop 6mm Crystal AB x 2 x 2



Create Mesmerising Nails:

As a nail technician, incorporating Serinity crystals into your nail art designs will not only showcase your creativity and attention to detail but also offer your clients an extra touch of beauty and luxury. Imagine how mesmerized your clients will be when they see their nails shimmer and shine like never before!


Accent Nails:

One of the most popular uses of Serinity crystals in nail art is creating accent nails. By strategically placing these crystals on a single nail, you can instantly transform a simple manicure into a work of art. Whether you opt for a classic French tip design with a twist or experiment with intricate patterns, there are endless possibilities to explore.


Full Blinged Out Nails:

If you're feeling a bit extra, why not go for a full-blown blinged-out nail design? Covering all nails with Serinity crystals will create a jaw-dropping effect that exudes luxury and glamour. Just be prepared for all eyes to be on your hands because nothing catches attention quite like a dazzling set of crystals-adorned nails.


Achieve The Best Results: 

To achieve the best results, it's essential to work with a skilled nail technician who is experienced in handling Serinity crystals. These delicate gems require precision and expertise to ensure they are securely adhered to the nail surface. A talented nail artist will not only guide you in choosing the right crystals size, shape, and color but also guarantee a long-lasting and flawless finish.


Take Your Nail Game To The Next Level:

That being said, it's time to take your nail game to the next level and embrace the beauty of Serinity crystals nail art. Let your imagination run wild as you transform nails into tiny works of art that sparkle and captivate. Whether you are a professional nail technician, a nail enthusiast, or simply someone who loves all things beauty and fashion, Serinity crystals nail art is sure to leave you mesmerized.

So, grab your favourite rhinestones, embrace your creativity, and let the bling begin! Get ready to shine bright like a diamond with Serinity crystals nail art designs that will leave everyone in awe. After all, who said nails can’t be a statement accessory? Sparkle on, nail lovers!