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Project Ideas with Preciosa Crystals That Your Children Will Love

May 12, 2022 2 min read

Projects With Preciosa Crystals That Your Children Will Love, at bluestreak crystals you can buy the full range of Preciosa beads, flatbacks and pearls

Projects with Preciosa Crystals are popular with adults, but there are many activities that will entertain children too. From jewellery to hanging mobiles, these project ideas will introduce your children to the world of craft and design with Preciosa Crystals.

Everyone needs a pearl necklace

Perhaps one of the most obvious uses for Preciosa pearls is to create a necklace. The added bonus is that making a necklace is relatively simple, and will allow your children to build their confidence while making something beautiful. Threading the pearls can be soothing too – rushing it is not advised! – and the therapeutic nature of it appeals to adults and children alike.

A mobile to hang from the ceiling

Many children love hanging mobiles – it’s often the first gift that people buy for newborn babies. Lying in bed and watching it slowly turning above them is relaxing and helps them to sleep. Preciosa Beads can be arranged and hung onto wire and cord, creating a classic and classy version of the traditional children’s mobile.

A choker to finish an outfit

A stunning choker made from sparkling Preciosa Bicone Beads is a great way to finish your wedding outfit. The beauty of making your own neckwear is that it can be as subtle or prominent as you wish. A choker can be as thin as a centimetre, or can stretch up your neck and rest over your collar bone. As with any purpose-made piece of jewellery, your Preciosa bead choker will set off your outfit and reflect your personality.

Personalise a phone case

Let’s face it – as a society, we love our phones, and no one loves them more than the younger generation. Phones have become not only a means of communication, a minicomputer, and so much more – but also an expression of identity. Phone case sales are consistently high, and many people own more than one. Preciosa Flatback Crystals can be used to create a truly unique phone case that will perfectly reflect your child’s personality. Plain phone cases can be purchased cheaply. Then, your child can either work on their design before they start sticking, or simply collect their favourite pearls and get started with the fun.

If you’d like to use Preciosa Crystals for many projects, check out our wholesale packs, which will give you better value. If you plan to do this professionally, signing up for a trade account on our website will allow you to access the best discounts.