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4 Summer Press On Nail Designs Using Swarovski Flat Back Crystals

June 25, 2020 2 min read

4 Summer Designs Using Swarovski Nail Crystals

Want to create beautiful, striking nail designs this summer? As the lockdown eases up, nail salons are going to be in high demand. This means you may find it difficult to get an appointment. With our high-quality Swarovski Flat Back Crystals, you’ll be able to create your own beautiful summer nails.

Below, you’ll discover four great summer designs you can try out using Swarovski nail crystals.


Pastel Perfect

If you prefer simple and elegant designs, creating pastel perfect nails is a great idea. For this, you’ll need cute pastel-shade polish, and clear Swarovski crystals. Coat the nails in the pastel shade of your choice, then use the clear crystals sparingly over the nail.

You can place the crystals either along the top of the nail, or directly in the middle in a vertical line. There are a lot of possibilities with this look, and it produces a simple yet beautiful design.


Glitzy Summer

If you’re looking to create a more attention-grabbing finish, the glitzy summer look is ideal. With this design, you’ll want to focus on bold colours. Think deep reds, purples and yellows. You could use the Crystal Pixie collection to perfectly create this look. Then add larger Swarovski nail crystals to complete the design.


Floral Delight

A more intricate design idea is to paint floral details onto the nails, then use Swarovski nail crystals for a subtle sparkle. Round nail crystals can be used as the centre of the flower. This creates a real summer feel, though you will need some design skills to pull it off! You can always look at YouTube tutorials if you need a little help.


Summer Mix

Another unique design option is to create summer mix nails. With this look, each nail will feature a totally different design. This is one of the latest trends in nail design and it ensures they really stand out.

You can be super creative with this idea, using a mixture of colours and crystals for each nail. We stock Swarovski nail crystals in handy mixed packs – these can help you create a summer mix theme.

All of our nail crystals are available in single or wholesale packs. If you plan on using them frequently, we recommend signing up to our trade account. As long as you spend at least £100 per month on our site, you’ll benefit from much lower purchase prices.

The above are just four of the summer designs you can create using Swarovski nail crystals. Don’t forget to check out our tools and accessories, to help with the application of the crystals!