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Swarovski Crystals Accoustic Guitar Rhinestone Embellishment Project

September 18, 2023 3 min read

Swarovski Crystals rhinestone embellished acoustic guitar

For all you Taylor Swift fans who love music and fashion, this how-to guide will show you how your acoustic guitar can be transformed into a dazzling masterpiece using Swarovski crystals. With this sparkling embellishment, your guitar will be ready to shine on stage just like Taylor's during her iconic "Eras Tour". Let's get started!


Apply Online & Buy Swarovski Crystals

If you are not currently a Swarovski approved customer / business you can apply via our website. Bluestreak Crystals are one of a select few worldwide Swarovski Authorised Distribution Partners which continue to offer the full range of Swarovski Crystals. Alternatively, we would recommend using Serinity Crystals as a perfect substitute for crystal components used in this rhinestone embellishment project. 


Component List:

The full list of Swarovski crystals, components and tools needed to complete this project can be found below. If you click on the product description (link), the respective product page will open, where each item can be viewed and added to cart:


Component Image Component Name / Link To Purchase Component Quantity
Guitar of your choice Guitar of your choice x 1
Swarovski Rhinestones Crystal SS5
Swarovski Rhinestones Crystal SS5
x 100
Swarovski Rhinestones Crystal SS9
Swarovski Rhinestones Crystal SS9 x 100
Swarovski Rhinestones Crystal SS16
Swarovski Rhinestones Crystal SS16 x 6000
Swarovski Rhinestones Crystal SS30
Swarovski Rhinestones Crystal SS30 x 50
E6000 Plus Glue Kit
E6000 Plus Glue Kit x 1
wax picker pen for flat back crystals Wax Crystal Picker Tool x 1
Magic Sorting Tray Magic Sorting Tray x 1




Step 1

Prepare the surface for gluing

Before diving into the embellishment process, ensure your guitar is clean and free of dirt or grease. Wipe it down with a soft cloth and ensure there are no loose strings or damaged parts that could hinder the process. If the surface is shiny, gently buff the area with sandpaper so that the surface becomes matt, this will provide a ‘key’ for the glue to grip to, ensuring a strong bond with the resin glue and crystals.

Step 2

Apply the glue

Fill the Crystal FX syringe part way with E6000 resin glue and cover a small section of the guitar with a thin layer of glue. Allow 10 minutes for the glue to become tacky, this section of glue will have approximately one hour of work time before it starts drying and will take 24 hours to fully cure. 

Step 3

Place the crystals

Use the Magic Sorting Tray for storing the crystals while you work and use the Wax Picker Tool to pick up and place each rhinestone onto the guitar using concentric lines beginning with the outer edge. When filling a shape, it is best to start with the outline and work your way in as this helps you guarantee nice clean edges. Try to leave no spaces between your crystals for the best result. Be cautious not to obstruct the sound hole or any other functional parts of the guitar.


If you are paying homage to the Taylor Shift 13 guitar from her Eras Tour, we recommend you begin by embellishing the “13” using the SS30 crystals.

Step 4

Let the glue dry

Work your way across the surface of the guitar and be sure to let it lie flat while it dries to avoid crystals sliding out of alignment. It is best to leave the item to dry overnight to avoid knocking crystals out of position by touching the object when the glue is not yet fully cured.

Step 5

Clean and shine

When all the glue has fully dried you can wipe the rhinestones with a cloth or some tissue to remove any waxy residue that may be left on the crystals from the wax picker tool. After your embellished guitar has fully cured, it's time to showcase it to the world! Strum your guitar with pride, channelling your inner Taylor Swift, and watch as the Swarovski crystals glitter and shine, adding a touch of fabulousness to your musical performances.


Congratulations you have completed the project !


By following this step-by-step guide, you've successfully transformed your acoustic guitar into a stunning Swarovski crystal masterpiece. Now you're ready to rock the stage like Taylor Swift during her iconic "Eras Tour" and impress fellow fans with your music and fashion-forward instrument. With shimmer and strum in perfect harmony, your guitar is set to steal the spotlight!