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Serinity Crystal Beads Wire Wrap Tree Necklace Jewellery Project

April 24, 2023 3 min read

Serinity Crystal Beads Wire Wrap Tree Necklace Jewellery Project

Serinity Crystal Beads can add a bold pop of colour to your jewellery pieces and if you want to take your jewellery craft to the next level why not combine it with the art of wire wrapping?

Wire wrapped jewellery looks advanced, however it involves an extremely satisfying craft skill that can create impressive results even though the underlying technique is simple. Follow the easy step by step jewellery making instructions below, to create your very own Serinity Crystal Beads wire wrap Tree Pendant Necklace. Once you are familiar with the basic ideas illustrated in this guide, we encourage you to explore other colour and bead combinations and we hope you enjoy the art of creating your own handmade jewellery.


Component List:

The full list of crystals, components and tools needed to complete this project can be found below. If you click on the product description (link), the respective product page will open, where each item can be viewed and added to cart:


Component Image
Component Name / Link To Purchase
Component Quantity
Serinity Crystal Beads Bicone Mix Pinks 6mm Pack of 40
Serinity Crystal Beads Bicone Mix Pinks 6mm x 40
Silver Plated Memory Wire For Bracelet
Silver Plated Memory Wire For Bracelet
x 1
Silver Plated 28 Gauge Jewellery Wire
Silver Plated 28 Gauge Jewellery Wire
x 1
Silver Plated 16” Snake Chain
Silver Plated 16” Snake Chain
x 1
Silver Plated Pear Pinch Bail Silver Plated Pear Pinch Bail
x 1
Side Cutters Side Cutters
x 1
Chain Nose Pliers Chain Nose Pliers
x 1





Create the outer circle

Cut the memory wire, so that you have a full coil with approximately 4cm of overlap.


Prepare the wire

Cut silver jewellery wire into 15 lengths of 20cm.


Secure the loop

Pass the jewellery wire halfway through the memory wire loop and wrap it around the section where the memory wire overlaps. Wrap the wire round 5 times and try to have the two tails be of equal length. 

jewellery making - secure the loop



Wire wrap the base

Repeat Step 3 for all 15 lengths of jewellery making wire, until the overlapping section of the memory wire loop is completely sealed within the coils of the wire wrapping.

jewellery making - wire wrap the base



Twist to form the roots

Use the chain nose pliers to grip and twist pairs of wire together, this will prevent the separate coils from sliding apart and add strength and texture to the roots sections of the design. Twist at least half of the wire pairs together, however you can choose to leave several single wires untwisted to add some organic variation to the root pattern.

jewellery making - twist to make the roots



Build up to the trunk

Flip the twisted wires so that they face into the circle of pendant and gradually twists the roots together, more and more, until they all join to form the trunk of the tree.

jewellery making - build up to the trunk



Make the branches

Begin separating the wires and twist them outwards to form the branches and keep separating until you are back down to single wires. Keep the twisting compact as you want plenty of space for the Serinity Beads.

jewellery making - make the braches



Start adding the leaves

When your twisted wire branches are back down to a single wire, start adding the Serinity Beads which will act as the leaves of the tree. For this example we chose the Pinks Bicone Mix to mimic the appearance of blossom however you can customise the size colour and shape of the beads to suit your desired effect.

jewellery making - start adding the leaves



Secure the ends of the branches

When the Serinity Beads reach the inside edge of the circle, loop the remaining wire 2 – 3 times around the memory wire and trim off the excess with the side cutters. 

jewellery making - secure the ends



Avoid spiky edges

Use the Chain Nose Pliers to firmly press down the trimmed end of the wire  resulting in a smooth finish on the wire wrapping.

jewellery making - remove spiky edges



Finish the tree

Repeat steps 9 and 10 until you have a complete tree contained within the circle of memory wire with no loose wires.

jewellery making - finish the tree



Attach the bail

Using the Chain Nose Pliers or your fingers, press the Pear Pinch Bail closed over the highest point of the tree. Make sure the teeth of the bail connect to ensure it has a solid grip on the pendant.


Complete the necklace

Thread the bail onto the chain and you’re done. Congratulations you have complete the project!


Congratulations you have completed the project !