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Preciosa Seed Beads Ring Jewellery Making Project

June 13, 2023 3 min read

Preciosa Seed Beads Ring Jewellery Making Project
The magic of the humble Preciosa Seed Beads is that it can be used in any number of beading techniques to create a broad range of jewellery styles. Beaded jewellery like the customisable and stackable ring you’ll find in this craft tutorial can be as complex or simple as you like, to suit your crafting level. Simply follow the steps provided in this short jewellery making guide and once you are happy you know the basics, we encourage you to explore different colour combinations and enjoy the sheer versatility found with Preciosa seed beads disarming simplicity, the only limit is your imagination!


Component List:

The full list of seed beads, components and tools needed to complete this project can be found below. If you click on the product description (link), the respective product page will open, where each item can be viewed and added to cart:


Component Image Component Name / Link To Purchase Component Quantity
Preciosa Seed Beads Crystal Silver Lined Size 8
Preciosa Seed Beads Crystal Silver Lined Size 8  
x 20
Preciosa Seed Beads Alabaster White Size 10
Preciosa Seed Beads Alabaster White Size 10   x 40
Monofilament Illusion Cord Monofilament Illusion Cord Clear x 1m
Thread Cutters Thread Cutter x 1




Step 1

String the beads

Once you have chosen your colours, you can start stringing your beads onto the illusion cord. Begin with 4 beads in alternating colours, like in the diagram below, the first colour in the sequence (red) will form the inner row of colour in the design and you will need twice as many of the other colour.

String the beads

Step 2

Loop of beads

After you have strung the Preciosa seed beads onto the Illusion Cord, you can shape them into a circle by pulling the thread back through the first bead and pulling tight to create a loop. Then, pass the cord a second time through the top and right bead so that the cord is on the right-hand side and you have your first complete sealed loop of beads.

Loop of beads

Step 3

Add the next set of beads

Now add three new seed beads onto your illusion cord and loop the thread back through the last bead of the previous set. Then pass the cord through the bottom and then the right bead a second time so that the cord is once again on the right-hand-side, ready to receive more beads.

Add the next set of beads

Step 4

Repeat until you reach the desired length

Repeat step 3 until your chain of beads is long enough to wrap around your finger. This technique can also be used to create bracelets and necklaces, simply keep adding beads until you are happy with the length.

Step 5

Join the two ends together

Where the two ends meet, you’ll see that all that’s missing is the top and bottom bead to complete one final loop. Add one bead at a time and when the loop is complete tie a small knot securing the cord.

Join the two ends together


Hide your tail of cord

To guard against the cord untying and undoing the ring, continue to pass the cords through a few more beads before cutting away the rest of the tail. You can do this with the other end of the cord as well.


Hide your tail of cord



Congratulations you have completed the project !


Watching intricate designs come together using such simple components is extremely satisfying and can grow into a true love affair with the wider craft of jewellery making. If this has piqued your interest, we recommend you look at our highly active social media channels on Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and TikTok where we upload frequent bite sized tutorials on how to make the most of what you’ll find on our Bluestreak Crystals website.