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Our Top Five Tips For Using Preciosa Sew On Crystals

March 01, 2021 2 min read

Top Five Tips For Using Preciosa Sew On Crystals

When you think of sew on beads, the first images that come to mind are likely to be of the small smooth glass kind, which are threaded into intricate embroidery patterns. With so many Preciosa sew on crystals to choose from, you can move away from the smaller, brightly coloured beads to a wider variety of shimmering rhinestones that are perfect for adding a touch of glamour, or for completing a full, bedazzling makeover.


Choose your sewing method

You don’t have to rely on a good old-fashioned needle and thread, unless that’s your preferred option. Our Preciosa sew on crystals can be used with both standard and industrial sewing machines, so the process can be as easy and time-efficient as you like. Whichever option you choose, ensure the needle is narrow enough to fit through the bead.


Be prepared to buy thread

While it’s handy to grab the nearest spool of thread you can find, a durable, colour-matched thread is your best option. Spending the extra pennies (or pounds!) might be worth it the thread matches beautifully with the fabric, and definitely if it doesn’t snap under stress. If you absolutely cannot find a thread to match the fabric you’re using, then a see-through nylon will be your best option.



If you have to stitch your Preciosa sew on crystals in a straight line, try and make sure that each crystal is facing the same direction. With the Preciosa Sew On Slim Baguette this would be straightforward, but with the Sew On Rivoli it may help to align the holes horizontally.


Straight up, straight down

When stitching, remember that it’s not exactly the same as sitting two pieces of fabric together. Therefore, you want to take the needle up and out of the fabric, and then straight back down through the other side, right next to the edge of the crystal. This is especially helpful for designs with lots of tightly stitched beads.


Be patient

Remaining calm and collected while you stitch can help prevent all manner of problems from arising. For example, if your thread accidentally knots while you’re stitching, don’t try and hurriedly stitch on top of it. Instead, tie off your old piece of thread and start a new row of beads. Patiently starting anew, to create a much more precise design, is usually the best way.

Whether you choose the iridescent Preciosa Sew On Loch Rose, or the simplistic Chessboard Circle, take a browse through our wide variety of sew on beads to inspire your next project.