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Preciosa Bicone Beads : Add Vibrancy to Jewellery

February 21, 2021 2 min read

How to add Vibrancy to Jewellery with Preciosa Bicone Beads

Whether you choose a clear icy blue, or a bead with iridescent shimmer, Preciosa Bicone beads add dimension and vibrancy to your designs. They are perfect for starting a jewellery project, but can also be used for a wide range of creative ventures. These are classic-style beads with multiple facets to create a bit of shimmer and dazzle in the light.


Design a pattern

If you’re making a band of colour by layering multiple rows against each other, this is a great opportunity to create a pattern. By cleverly arranging individual colours you can create diamonds, hearts and more. This works if the layers are tightly strung against each other, and so it’s an ideal technique for bracelets and chokers.

In fact, your patterns are not just limited to single rows. Designs such as daisies, diamonds and circles use beads and threads to create your shapes and pendants for jewellery. Small daisies can be created by using a single length of string, but larger, more complex shapes may require you to learn brick stitch.


Design a colour scheme

Adding a splash of colour to your work doesn’t have to involve bright and bold tones. Instead, a carefully curated colour scheme can look just as dazzling, but with a touch of class. For example, using shades of ‘Honey’, ‘Gold Flare’, ‘Venus’ and ‘Capri Gold’ will create a golden palette with a variety of tones that reflect and change, without straying from the theme.


Break up metallic designs

If you are using metal chains to create a clean, metallic look, Preciosa Bicone beads can add colourful breaks to it. Adding a thread of beads in between layers of chains, or breaking up links with bicone beads, are great ways of adding different hues.


Contrast against crystals

The facets of Preciosa Bicone beads are not unlike those of crystal beads, which means they would complement them beautifully on any jewellery piece. If you want the fine beauty of a crystal, but with more colours that pop, you could use the bicone beads as the vibrant element of your designs, and let the crystals add a finer, brighter shimmer.

We not only offer Preciosa Beads in a multitude of colours, but also different tones and shades, which means you can create subtle effects with your jewellery pieces. With monochromatic, metallic and bold colours to choose from, you are not limited by the colour schemes you can work with. 


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