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Let Your Pride Shine With Serinity Flat Back Crystals

June 14, 2022 2 min read

Let Your Pride Shine With Serinity Flat Back Crystals

At Bluestreak we love all things glistening and fabulous! We also believe that Pride Month is the perfect time to let your true colours shine brighter than ever with the help of Serinity Flat Back Crystals.

With our extensive range of coloured crystals you will be able to find the perfect combination to represent your truest self! A part of our Pride celebrations we have customised a hairbrush with Rose, Padparadscha, White Opal, Light Topaz and Topaz to give it the stunning second life it deserves.


Embellishment Process

Like all fabulous transformations it may seam daunting at first, but we have broken the embellishment process down into ten easy steps so that you can do it yourself on any accessory or keepsake you desire. It is the perfect craft activity to help you upcycle and customise your items in a way that’s worthy of Ru Pauls Drag Race!

The key steps are:

  1. Remove any previous decorations like paint, we recommend medium grain sandpaper and be sure to clear away any dust.
  2. Keep sanding until the underlying surface has a rough texture as this will help the glue bond securely.
  3. Choose the right glue, for frequently handled objects we recommend CG500 Resin Glue. (for ornaments Gem Tac is also great and Ninja SuperTite is best for fabrics).
  4. Let the resin glue sit for 15-20 minutes to fully settled on the surface, this also helps it get tacky enough to grab the flat back crystals as you place them.
  5. You can organise and open your crystal packets while the glue is settling.
  6. Neatly pour the Serinity Flat Back Crystals you plan to use into your Magic Sorting Trays.
  7. Using a Wax Pen, block out the main sections so the colours will blend together evenly.
  8. Start with the biggest crystals first and then use the smaller ones to fill the gaps once you're happy.
  9. When you're happy with the blend, introduce the transitional colours (in this case Padparadscha and Light Topaz) to achieve the final look.
  10. As you start running out of space you will be glad that the CS500 allows you to push the crystals around so the crystals can fit perfectly together. 


Crystal Options

We are all unique and live in a range of different circumstances, and with that in mind we have a spectrum of Crystal brands and price options available to you, Serinity Flat Back Crystals are equal in quality to the Swarovski Crystals, the world’s leading brand, and Preciosa Crystals are a strong contender in brilliance and quality. For a more affordable but still dazzling result we also stock Estella Crystals, so no matter your budget we stand with you.


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