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How To Bling Your Wedding Dress With Preciosa Crystals

May 10, 2023 4 min read

How To Bling Your Wedding Dress With Preciosa Crystals

If you’re planning your wedding, or perhaps helping a friend or family member plan theirs, Preciosa beads could be the perfect way to personalise your outfit for the big day. Available in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes, there’s no limit to your possible creations. Whether you’re after a tiara, a choker, or even a garter, you’ll be able to create your vision with Preciosa crystal beads. So, how can you bling your wedding dress - and the rest of your wedding ensemble - at home? Let’s take a look.


What are Preciosa crystals?

When it comes to adding a touch of sparkle and luxury to your wedding day, there's really nothing that compares to Preciosa crystal beads. These gemstones are perfect when it comes to wedding dress bling, and have been embellishing fashion and jewellery designs for centuries. 

Preciosa crystals, hailing from the heart of the Czech Republic, are renowned globally for their high-quality craftsmanship and extraordinary brilliance. Every single crystal boasts of precision cutting, delivering a dazzling light reflection that enhances the aesthetic value of any garment they adorn. Whether you prefer subtle hues or bold, vibrant tones, Preciosa crystals provide an expansive palette to choose from. They’re also more affordable than Swarovski crystals, but they can still produce stunning designs.


Bling your wedding dress: sparkle on your big day

So, just how can you transform your wedding dress with preciosa crystals? Well, it’s up to you! You can create subtle glitz and glam with some detailing around the hem, or even go all-out with a bling corset, bustier or more!

Want to see just how beautiful your dress can look with the addition of some beautiful Preciosa crystals? We at Bluestreak Crystals have taken the time to customise a gorgeous ivory coloured lace gown with a combination of Serinity Pearls and Preciosa Sew on Stones to show how the right finishing touches can unlock limitless opulence. Watch the dress transform below:

To compliment the classic ivory lace of the gown, we hand stitched a collection of 5810 Serinity Pearls and Preciosa Crystals in Silver Settings. When working in such fine detail it is best that the stitches are as delicate and invisible as possible! You can choose from natural or synthetic threads, and we at Bluestreak Crystals have several options that could work:

  • Fireline Beading Thread: This thread comes in Black and Crystal Clear, the clear option would blend nicely into the pattern of the lace. 
  • Monofilament Illusion Cord: This cord is also strong and completely clear, making it another worthy choice for a white wedding dress.
  • Nymo Silk thread: A popular choice, Nymo silk is white, soft and thin for a delicate finish. 
  • Silk thread:Silk thread comes with the benefit of being a natural fibre, making it more likely to match the texture of the rest of the dress.  

Do note that some threads can run the risk of fraying because they are “unconditioned”, you can condition any thread yourself with the Bead Buddy Thread Conditioner, which will coat your thread in wax for extra strength.  


Bling Wedding: 5 ideas to sparkle on your big day

Aside from your wedding dress, you can also add some sparkle and glam to your wedding ensemble. From your tiara to your veil, here are just a few ideas that can make your dazzle and sparkle even more on your big day:

A tiara to remember

However you plan on wearing your hair for your wedding, a tiara adds an extra flash of elegance. While there are many beautiful ready-made tiaras available online, why not create a truly personalised look using Preciosa Beads? Simply purchase some steel wire and a selection of your favourite beads. At Bluestreak Crystals, we offer authentic wholesale Preciosa crystals, so you know you’re getting the real thing.

Turn old to new with a modern crystal wedding garter

A bride wearing a garter is an age-old tradition, and conventionally, garters are made of fabric. Choose some small beads in a pale colour to create a feminine, discrete garter, or make a louder statement with larger beads that vary in colour and shape. A garter made of Preciosa beads adds a modern twist to an old idea, and will also add sparkle to that pseudo-intimate wedding photo!

A crystal wedding choker to finish the outfit

A stunning choker made from sparkling Preciosa beads is a great way to finish your wedding outfit. The beauty of making your own neckwear is that it can be as subtle or as prominent as you wish. A choker can be as thin as a centimetre – or it can stretch up your neck and rest over your collar bone. As with any purpose made piece of jewellery, your Preciosa bead choker will set off your outfit and reflect your personality.

Create a stunning waistband

For the focal point on our in house dress we combined several crystal cup chains and by strategically glueing them together created a stunning waistband. Preciosa Cup Chains come in gold or silver metal casings and the stones in the chain can come in several sizes in round or baguette cuts. For a fast and strong hold, we used the Ninja Superflex Resin Glue. Watch this short video to see the technique yourself:


Don’t forget the bridesmaids

Although the bride is the priority in terms of getting her outfit just right, remember that the bridesmaids – if you choose to have them – deserve a bit of sparkle too. Preciosa beads are suitable for creating many items, whether you want to deck the bridesmaids in matching earrings, necklaces or even anklets. And the designs you can create are so varied, you’ll never end up with the same outfits as anyone else’s wedding!

Buy Preciosa beads from an authorised partner

At Bluestreak Crystals, we offer Preciosa beads in a wide variety of colours, shapes and sizes. As a Preciosa Platinum Partner, you can be sure your Preciosa Crystals are 100% genuine when you shop with us. So have a browse and start creating your dream wedding dress!


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