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Swarovski Crystals Nail Art Design Margo

March 17, 2024 3 min read

Swarovski Crystals Nail Art Design Margo

Swarovski Crystals for Hollywood Glamour Nails

Step into the spotlight with Hollywood Glamour Swarovski Crystals for Nail Art Designs! As a nail technician, you're always on the lookout for the next big trend in beauty and fashion. And right now, that trend is all about bling and glamour. And what better way to add some sparkle to your clients' nails than with Swarovski Crystals?

Swarovski Crystals are known for their quality and brilliance, making them the perfect choice for creating eye-catching nail art designs. Whether you're going for a classic Hollywood look or something more modern and edgy, Swarovski Crystals are sure to elevate any nail design to the next level.

With a Mega Mix of Swarovski Crystals at your disposal, the possibilities are endless. Mix and match different shapes, sizes, and colours to create unique and stunning nail art that will turn heads wherever your clients go.

From elegant and sophisticated to bold and daring, Swarovski Crystals can be used to achieve any look you desire. Whether you're creating a simple accent nail or a full-on crystal-covered design, these rhinestones will add the perfect touch of glamour to any manicure.

So don't be afraid to experiment and get creative with your nail art. With Swarovski Crystals, you can take your designs to the next level and offer your clients a truly luxurious and dazzling experience.

So go ahead, add some sparkle to your nail art creations with Swarovski Crystals and let your clients shine like the Hollywood stars they are. Beauty, fashion, and glamour await!


Swarovski Crystals for Nail Art

Swarovski are now allowing Nail Artists, Nail Technicians, and Nail Salons to purchase Swarovski crystals, for the exclusive use in finished nail designs. Bluestreak Crystals is one of very few worldwide Swarovski Authorised Distribution Partners that continue to sell the complete range of Swarovski Crystals to Brands, Businesses and Professionals. Complete the application form online and use the highest quality crystals for your finished products and services.


Crystal Nail Design:

Swarovski Crystals nail art design diagram showing crystal placement for Margo crystal nails design

Component List:

The full list of Swarovski Crystals needed to complete this project can be found below. If you click on the product description (link), the respective product page will open, where each item can be viewed and added to cart:


Key Letter Component Image
Component Name / Link To Purchase
Long Nail Quantity
Short Nail Quantity


Swarovski Rhinestones 2602 Emerald Cut 8x5.5mm Crystal

Swarovski Rhinestones 2602 Emerald Cut 8x5.5mm Crystal

x 2 x 1


Swarovski Rhinestones 2773 Diamond 9.9x5.9mm Crystal
Swarovski Rhinestones 2773 Diamond 9.9x5.9mm Crystal x 2 x 1


Swarovski Rhinestones 2058 Round SS9 Crystal
Swarovski Rhinestones 2058 Round SS9 Crystal x 6 x 2



Are you ready to add some bling to your nail art designs?

Look no further than Swarovski Crystals for the ultimate in glamour and style. Follow these steps to create a stunning Hollywood-inspired nail art look using Swarovski Crystals Mega Mix.


  1. Start by prepping your nails as you normally would for a manicure. Trim and shape your nails, push back cuticles, and apply a base coat for longer-lasting wear.
  1. Choose a classic nail polish colour as your base. We recommend going for a glamorous red, sophisticated black, or chic nude to complement the Swarovski Crystals.
  1. Once your base colour is dry, it's time to add the Swarovski Crystals. Using a nail technician's precision tweezers, carefully pick up each crystal and place it on your nails in your desired design. Create a gradient effect, geometric pattern, or a simple accent nail for a touch of glamour.
  1. Mix and match the Swarovski Crystals with other rhinestones for added dimension and texture. Experiment with different sizes and shapes to create a unique nail art masterpiece.
  1. Secure the Swarovski Crystals in place using a clear topcoat around the edges of the crystals but not over the top as this will dull the sparkle. Apply a generous amount to ensure a long-lasting hold and to give your nails a shiny finish.
  1. Admire your Hollywood-inspired nail art design and show off your dazzling manicure to the world. These Swarovski Crystals are sure to turn heads and elevate your beauty and fashion game.


So, there you have it – a step-by-step guide to creating Hollywood Glamour Swarovski Crystals Nail Art Designs. Embrace the bling, embrace the glamour, and let your nails shine bright like a crystal.