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Preciosa® Trademark Guidelines

At bluestreak crystals you can join the Preciosa crystal ingredient branding program


Unfortunately it is not possibleto provide you with an Preciosa Seal or Certificate when you purchase Preciosa crystal components from Bluestreak Crystals. However, you canverify the authenticity of our Preciosa crystals by viewing our Preciosa Platinum Partner Certificate.


If you are purchasing genuine Preciosa crystals from Bluestreak Crystals, you are able to advertise to your customers that you are using Preciosa crystals components, by using the following wording in your product / service description:

  • 'Preciosa crystals'
  • 'Crystals by Preciosa'

Further information on the proper use of the Preciosa® Trademarks can be found in the Preciosa Branding Guide. If you would like to provide your customers with a Preciosa Seal, please take a look at the Ingredient Branding Program below.


The Preciosa Ingredient Branding program is available to quality brands who exclusively use genuine Preciosa crystals and fine jewellery stones in their products. Thiswill allow you to use the Crystals by Preciosa Logo and provide your customers with a Preciosa Seal with every product they purchase from you.

Please send your completed application form to the following brand manager at Preciosa: veronika.hanzlikova@preciosa.com