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Christmas Tree Earrings Jewellery Project With Serinity Beads

February 22, 2023 2 min read

Christmas Tree Earrings Project With Serinity Beads

Throughout the months leading up to Christmas, fun festive jewellery is as much of a staple as the brightly coloured Christmas jumper and drinking mulled wine! But if you want something extra special, why not create your own earrings with Serinity Beads this year by following this jewellery making project? When people ask you where you bought them, you can proudly say that you made them yourself!

Follow the instructions in this jewellery making projecct to create these Christmas Tree Earrings with Serinity Beads in time for festive celebrations. The joy of this craft project is its simplicity, the design is easily assembled and the secret is in the combination of beads that stack up to create the silhouette of a cute little Christmas tree. The specific bead shapes and sizes have been specially chosen so that when assembled the resulting shape resembles a tree, however the colour pallet is customisable. We opted for a traditional green and red tree design, but you could choose a warm glowing look using Golden Shadow and gold plated jewellery components, or a frosty style featuring Crystal AB. A major part of the fun when it comes to jewellery making is exploring the potential of different combinations to make unique hand crafted gifts for yourself and loved ones this festive season.


Component List:

The full list of Serinity beads, components and tools needed to complete this jewellery making project can be found below. If you click on the product description (link), the respective product page will open, where each item can be viewed and added to cart:


Component Image
Component Name / Link To Purchase
Component Quantity
Silver Plated Shepherds Crooks Ear Wires
Silver Plated Shepherds Crooks Ear Wires x 2
Silver Plated Headpins
Silver Plated Headpins
x 2
Serinity 5601 Cube Beads
Serinity 5601 Cube Beads 4mm Siam
x 2
Serinity 3700 Daisy Spacers in emerald 6mm
Serinity 3700 Daisy Spacers 6mm Emerald
x 2
Serinity 3700 Daisy Spacers in emerald
Serinity 3700 Daisy Spacers 8mm Emerald
x 2
Serinity 3700 Daisy Spacers in emerald 10mm
Serinity 3700 Daisy Spacers 10mm Emerald
x 2
Serinity Bicone Beads in siam
Serinity Bicone Beads 4mm Siam
x 2
side cutters for jewellery making
Side Cutters
x 1
Round Nose Pliers Round Nose Pliers
x 1




Step 1

Thread the Serinity beads onto the headpin starting with the Cube bead, followed by the three Daisy Beads starting with the 10mm, then the 8mm and then the 6mm, finishing with one Bicone to represent the angel on the top.Use Round Nose Pliers to then bend the headpin just above the Bicone into a small loop and cut off the rest of the wire with Side Cutters.

Step 2

Twist the loop open and thread on the Fishhook Ear Wire, then twist the loop closed and repeat for the other earring.


Congratulations you have completed the project !