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Lucky Clover Brooch Project With Preciosa Crystals

March 16, 2023 3 min read

Lucky Clover Brooch Project With Preciosa Crystals

A bold and beautiful brooch is great for adding flare to any outfit and the technique used for this charming lucky four-leaf clover brooch can be adapted to suit any design you might wish to create! The joy of this style of sewing project is you can be completely free with the style of Preciosa crystals you choose to fill the design with. We have offered some recommendations however we encourage you to experiment and come up with a finished piece as unique as you!


Component List:

The full list of Preciosa crystals, components and tools needed to complete this project can be found below. If you click on the product description (link), the respective product page will open, where each item can be viewed and added to cart:


Component Image
Component Name / Link To Purchase
Component Quantity
Preciosa Flat Back Crystals (Non Hotfix) SS20 in Shamrock
Preciosa Flat Back Crystals (Non Hotfix) SS20 Shamrock x 10
Preciosa Flatback Crystals (Non Hotfix) SS20 in Olivine
Preciosa Flatback Crystals (Non Hotfix) SS20 Olivine
x 10
Preciosa Bicone Beads in. limecicle
Preciosa Bicone Beads 8mm Limecicle
x 12
Preciosa Bicone Beads in emerald
Preciosa Bicone Beads 8mm Emerald
x 11
Preciosa Round Beads in peridot
Preciosa Round Beads 8mm Peridot
x 10
Preciosa Seed Beads green
Preciosa Seed Beads Size 8 Green
Retail Pack x 1
E6000 Plus Glue E6000 Plus Glue
x 1
Silver Plated Brooch Pin Silver Plated Brooch Pin
x 1
Sewing needle Sewing needle
x 1
Green Sewing Thread Green Sewing Thread
x 1
Green Felt Green Felt or other fabric of your choice
x 1
Thin Cardboard Thin Cardboard
x 1




Step 1

First ensure the Felt for your brooch is secured in an embroidery hoop as this will make controlling the positioning of your Preciosa crystals while sewing easier. Draw the clover motif onto the taught, secured fabric (use a paper cut out as a template if you are hoping to make more than one that’s exactly the same size and shape). Let there be a margin of at least 3cm of fabric around the outer edge on all sides of what will become your brooch, as this gives you room to work and the excess can be trimmed off later.

Step 2

Sew a line of seed beads along the drawn outline of the clover to begin your shape.

Step 3

For this design we featured clusters of larger beads with some glued on Preciosa flatback crystals to add interest. Attach these clusters first taking care to have them evenly dispersed across the design.

Step 4

Fill in the remaining space with the rest of your seed beads until you have solid coverage right up to the seed bead outline on all sides.

Step 5

Remove your Felt from the embroidery hoop and trim away the excess fabric. Be careful to not cut through any of the stitches holding the seed bead outline in place.

Step 6

Select an appropriately coloured backing material in felt or leather plus a section of thin card for extra structure.

Step 7

Cut holes into the backing fabric and slot through the brooch pin, then glue the layers of fabric together using E6000 Plus Glue. The layer of card and the main body of the brooch pin should be sandwiched between the two layers of fabric and be positioned in the centre of the clover design.

Step 8

Trim the sides of your material until you are as close as possible to the sewn seed bead edge.

Step 9

Hide the raw edge of the design with a row of rocailles using a picot stitch which will also secure the edges together.


Congratulations you have completed the project !