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Unveiling the Top Picks: The Best Glue for Rhinestones Revealed

June 26, 2023 4 min read

Unveiling the Top Picks: The Best Glue for Rhinestones Revealed

It's possibly one of our most frequently asked questions. You wish to embellish an object with rhinestones and maybe it's wood, plastic, metal, glass, rubber, leather or fabric... but what is the best rhinestone glue? When there are so many great options it’s easy to end up unsure, so let us take you on a guided tour of the most popular options for rhinestone embellishment, that can all be found in our  glue section. Let’s take a look!


What is the most versatile rhinestone glue?

Gem-Tac is a classic strong Tacky Glue that every crafter should keep in their kit and is perfect for jewellery making and repair. Gem-Tac is sold individually and in a pack of six and the tubes come with an inbuilt precision applicator nozzle, making it perfect for delicate glue work where you are placing one crystal at a time. Please note that Tacky glue is water based so it is most suitable for items that you do not intend to wash with soap and water in future.


What is the best rhinestone glue for washable items?

The  CG500 is a Resin Glue that's perfect for hard wearing Sparkle like  rhinestones on your favourite water bottle. It comes in two tubes, one contains the Epoxy Resin and the other contains Hardener. When you mix the two together in a 1:1 ratio it becomes a glue and you have several hours of work time before it sets. For best results the glue will need to sit overnight to fully set and we recommend you wear gloves whenever working with Resin Glue.


What’s the best glue for rhinestones on glass?

The E6000 Craft Adhesive is often considered the best glue for adhering rhinestones to glass due to its industrial-strength bonding power and flexibility. It dries clear, which is important when working with transparent materials like glass. 


What is the best rhinestone glue for fabric?

SuperTite Fusion Tack Adhesive is an industrial grade fabric glue that creates strong bonds on fabric as well as glass, plastic, leather and wood. Once dry it is clear, permanent and hand washable making it perfect for customising clothes and fabric accessories. When using this glue in the studio we find the nozzle can be a bit wide for detailed work, so we recommend the  10ml applicator bottle sold separately to get those finer dots of glue.


Best rhinestone glue for flexible strength

The  Ninja Supertite SuperFlex Glue is resin based and is great for when you need a super strong bond that is also flexible, making it perfect for rubber or leather. If you want to add a splash of Estella Crystals to your best pair of shoes this is the glue for you. Please be aware that once mixed, this glue has a one minute work time and a five minute cure so it's best for quick fixes or big crystals.


What’s the best glue for rhinestones on metal?

The E6000 Craft Adhesive is a popular choice for adhering rhinestones to metal, and is known for its industrial strength and flexibility, making it durable and resistant to high impacts, water, and extreme temperatures. It also dries clear, which makes it a preferred option when the adhesive should not be visible. However, keep in mind that E6000 can take up to 72 hours to fully cure.


What’s the best glue for rhinestones on plastic?

When it comes to adhering rhinestones to plastic, you'll want an adhesive that bonds well with non-porous surfaces and is flexible enough to withstand any bending or movement of the plastic. E6000 can again work well here, although Gem Tac is also designed specifically for glueing rhinestones and is suitable for both porous and non-porous surfaces, including plastic. It dries clear and remains flexible after drying.


What’s the best glue for rhinestones on shoes?

When attaching rhinestones to shoes, you want to ensure that the glue you choose is strong, flexible, and waterproof, since shoes often endure a lot of wear and tear and are exposed to various weather conditions.


E6000: This remains a popular choice due to its industrial-strength bonding and its flexibility once dry. It is also waterproof, making it a good choice for shoes that may be exposed to wet conditions. However, the glue does have a long curing time of up to 72 hours.


Gem-Tac: This glue is made specifically for attaching gems and rhinestones to various surfaces. It is also flexible and dries clear, which can be beneficial when working with rhinestones.


The video below on the Bluestreak Crystals YouTube channel provides an quick overview of rhinestone embellishment and the glues available in our online shop:



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How do I properly apply glue to rhinestones?

Apply a small amount of glue to either the back of the rhinestone or directly onto the surface where it will be placed. Then, gently press the rhinestone onto the glue, ensuring full contact. Wipe away excess glue.


How does surface preparation affect the adhesion of glue to rhinestones? 

Proper surface preparation, such as cleaning and drying, can significantly improve the bond between the glue and rhinestone. Dirt, dust, or oils can inhibit adhesion, leading to a weaker bond.


What factors should I consider when selecting glue for rhinestones? 

Consider the material you're adhering the rhinestones to, as some glues bond better with certain surfaces. Other factors include the glue's drying time, colour when dry, strength of adhesion, flexibility when dry, and water resistance.


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