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Swarovski Crystals - Innovations For Spring / Summer 2022

March 14, 2021 1 min read

Swarovski Innovations SS 2022 - New Shapes & Colours

Creative sparks fly with the debut of innovative new crystals that highlight The Wonder of the New. Enhanced by four key Spring/ Summer 2021 stories, ideas for creation and experimentation have never come easier.


Swarovski Crystals Innovations 

  • The ingenious Connector Flat Back marks the return of retro in a Joyful Expression, with Crystal Textures in Metallic Colors heralding a bold new aesthetic.
  • The tantalizing trio of gleaming LacquerPRO DeLite hues convey a sense of understated luxury and escapism as Mesmerizing Nature beckons in a cacophony of coloir and refreshed tropical prints.
  • Glossy crystal Briolette XL Hole Beads and Crystal Shimmer embrace the return of elegance, and the new dressing-up for staying in. A tongue-in-cheek glamorization of the everyday, this design ethos enhances the past in luxe, languorous style. A world of wonder awaits in this season’s celebration of versatile crystal forms.


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