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Preciosa Crystal Nails: Simple but Beautiful Designs

November 07, 2020 2 min read

Preciosa Crystal Nails: Simple but Beautiful Designs

Want to create beautiful, sparkling nail designs? Preciosa crystals for nails are considered the most beautiful on the market. There are hundreds of different crystals to choose from, enabling you to create a staggering range of designs.

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re looking for new nail ideas, the Preciosa flat back crystals range has something to suit everyone. Here, you’ll discover some simple yet beautiful designs you can create with Preciosacrystal nails.


Glitzy tips

One of the simplest, yet most beautiful ideas is creating glitzy tips. This involves addingPreciosacrystals to just the tips of the nails. You can use the Preciosa Crystal Faerie range to add a truly glistening effect to the tip. Then, add a few Preciosa crystals on one side of the nail, leading up to the tip from the base. Each crystal should get larger towards the tip.

Another simple way to create a glitzy tip design is to use a plain polish, and place Preciosa crystals across the top of the tip.


Luxury and elegance

If you fancy a more luxurious, yet still simple design, you can first paint the nails in a dark colour. For a really striking design, choose a black polish. However, you could also opt for a deep red, blue or green if you prefer.

After you’ve applied the polish, create a simple design by adding Preciosa Rhinestones in the centre of the nail, from the base to the tip. You’ll need around five larger crystals and around 14 tiny crystals to connect them together. The goal is to create a wavy line of crystals running from the bottom to the top of the nail.


All-out glamour

Finally, for something that’s really going to grab attention, try this simple yet glitzy design. You’ll want to make sure that every nail is different. First, choose a colour scheme – such as pink. Paint the nails two different shades of pink, colouring one nail in one colour, then the next nail in the other colour and so on.

Once they have been painted, create sparkly tips on some nails, then create more intricate designs on the others. Again, you can find lots of different ideas for this style of design online. Pinterest has hundreds of images of crystal nails you can use for inspiration.

Don’t forget, you can also buy our Preciosa crystals in wholesale packs. These can save you a lot of money, and will get you a bulk pack of crystals to work with. Preciosa crystal nails are stunning – the above are just some of the simple yet beautiful designs you can create.


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