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Serinity Flat Back Rhinestones - The Perfect Gift For Christmas

December 13, 2022 2 min read

Dream Mix of Serinity Flat Back Rhinestones - The Perfect Gift For Christmas

There are a few wonderful experiences that remain magical no matter what age you are and receiving a promisingly large box at Christmas is certainly one of them! We always wonder what treasures might await us under the Christmas tree and the marvellous Serinity Crystal Dream Mixes from Bluestreak Crystals contain actual sparkling treasure for you to enjoy! Dream Mixes contain thousands of sparkly Serinity Flat Back Rhinestones that are manufactured in Austria and are the highest quality lead-free crystals available on the market and are matched only by the worlds leading brand of crystals. All our Dream mixes come with a luxuriously velvet-lined display case with a glass lid, complete with our Bluestreak Crystals logo emblazoned on the top.


Dream Deluxe Mix

The Serinity Crystal Deluxe Dream Mix consists of sixteen different Serinity Crystals Mixes and each mix found inside is colour themed, giving you plenty of creative choices. With over 3,500 individual Serinity Flat Back Rhinestones contained within the display case with glass lid that measures 21 x 18.5 x 5cm, this is what dreams are made of!


Dream Mix

The Serinity Crystal Dream Mix is perfect for embellishers and nail technicians who want large quantities of the classics, it consists of twelve full wholesale packs of Serinity Flat back Crystals ranging from SS3 all the way up to SS20 and you can choose between classic Crystal and Crystal AB. This Mix comes with a rectangular velvet lined display case measuring 37.5x21x5.5cm and few things are more satisfying than seeing all 17,000 crystals sparkling in their separate compartments ready to be used in your craft.


Dream Ultimate Mix

This Serinity Crystal Dream Ultimate Mix comes with the same rectangular case as the Classic Dream Mix and consists of twelve full wholesale packs of Serinity Crystals in Crystal AB in various shapes and sizes. You still get 6 of the best selling flatback crystal sizes but you also get 6 wholesale packs of the best-selling shapes including classics such as the 2304 Raindrop, 2205 Flame, 2771 Kite and more! The Dream Ultimate Mix can be selected in classic Crystal or Crystal AB and is considered a must have item for nail technicians and high-end embellishers the world over.


And There's More!

Similar Dream Mixes can also be found in our other brands Preciosa Flat back Crystals and Estella Flatback Crystals because we pride ourselves on offering the best range of crystals whether you are after the best or working to budget and anything in between! Bluestreak Crystals is also one of very few remaining Swarovski Distribution Partners, who can supply the full range of Swarovski Crystals. If you are a brand or business who produces a finished product, you can apply to gain access to purchase Swarovski Crystals.


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