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Serinity Rhinestones - Start The New Year With A Bang!

January 02, 2023 2 min read

Serinity Rhinestones - Start The New Year With A Bang!

Start the New Year with a bang and join the trend as more and more people across the globe, discover what we at Bluestreak Crystals have known since January 2022… Serinity Rhinestones are in fact the secret to sparkle and will be the key to expanding your crystal universe in 2023!

If you are one of the few crystal enthusiasts who have not yet explored this exciting brand, here is a handy overview of why converting to Serinity Crystals should be this new year’s resolution.


Why choose Serinity Crystals

  • Serinity Rhinestones are the highest quality, widely available crystals on the market, with no restrictions on who is allowed to buy, use, or sell them, either as part of a finished product or loose as part of a service.
  • Serinity Crystals’ incredible brilliance and sparkle is matched only by the world’s leading brand of crystals and when placed side by side it is impossible to tell the two brands apart. Even under super close inspection, the quality of Serinitys’ cut glass will impress even the most experienced of rhinestone embellishers and nail technicians!
  • Serinity Crystals are manufactured in Austria and benefit from the cutting-edge technologies available in that country. This results in an extensive range of shapes, sizes and colours with a cut quality and consistency of colour that is maintained across the entire range.
  • Serinity Crystals are proud to be lead free and safe to use in multiple embellishment applications including makeup, where they will be in direct contact with skin.

Many famous ambassadors on social media have embraced Serinity Rhinestones (in both hotfix and non-hotfix) along with glass pearls, beads, pendants and more. We have loved watching these creators succeed in their chosen fields and have been proud to supply the trending crystal shapes. Serinity Flatback Rhinestones also benefit from the same number reference system used in previous years by other brands, so if your bestselling nail art crystal design features the 2304 Raindrop, 2771 Kite or any of the other famous shapes, Serinity Crystals will have it under the same reference number so you can continue to bling with confidence!


Go large or go home

If you want to try Serinity Crystals and truly wish to start the new year in style there is no better way to do it than with the a Serinity Dream Mix. There are many to choose from and they come with their very own crystal embellished, velvet-lined display case. The Serinity Dream Deluxe Mix boasts 16 differently themed flatback crystal mixes, which will give you a spectacular selection of colours and shapes that will help you shine through 2023 and beyond!


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