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Rhinestone Embellishment Tutorial with Serinity Flatbacks

May 25, 2022 2 min read

Rhinestone Embellishment Techniques Using Serinity Flatback Crystals

Tea is enjoyed the world over and this iconic brew has become integral to the festivities surrounding the Queens Platinum Jubilee. As part of our contribution to the celebrations, we have blinged this classic white teapot with Serinity Flatbacks in Tanzanite and Classic Crystal and combined several rhinestone embellishment techniques when duplicating the design of the occasion’s official royal emblem onto the front of the teapot.


Rhinestone Embellishment Techniques

When looking closely at the crystal placement you can see that there are in fact two embellishment techniques used to create the final effect. The image was achieved with a single line of Serinity Crystal for the design and the spaces filled in with Tanzanite in the Scatter Style. The rest of the surrounding space on the teapot was filled with evenly spaced, concentric circles of SS20 Serinity Flat Back Crystals (non Hotfix). See how we approached duplicating the design of the emblem in this short YouTube video:



Scatter Style

Scatter Style is deliberately random in its crystal placement and uses a variety of crystal sizes. This makes it very forgiving and is best for filling unusually shaped spaces and curved surfaces. The sizes most frequently used for this method are usually between SS3 and SS20 and a selection of five sizes gives a good flexibility. If you wish to have a go at the scatter embellishment style yourself, but are unsure which sizes are best for the space you are filling; we recommend buying one of the crystal colour charts, which also include a list of the sizes so that you can see for yourself which crystals would be best for your craft project. 


Concentric Lines

Concentric Lines are a great way to neatly fill large areas with crystals. Like the Honeycomb Style, the desired result of this method is one of smoothly flowing lines. For best results you begin with the outlines first and then neatly work your way in. Eventually your lines will meet in the middle and at this point you need to fill in the remaining gaps with whatever size crystal most neatly fills the space with minimal disruption to the flow. 

To fill the final gaps we selected crystals from our Serinity Crystal Dream Mix. If you are a frequent embellisher, you know how regularly you need just one crystal of a slightly different size or several and each one is different. It is very useful to have a wide variety of sizes available in your craft supplies and the Dream Mix ensures you will always have the right crystal. You could also purchase these items from the Preciosa Flatback Crystals range that can also be found on our website or apply online and gain approval to continue purchasing Swarovski Flatback Crystals for your business.


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