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Top Embellishment Techniques With Preciosa Rhinestones

March 26, 2022 2 min read

Top Embellishment Techniques With Preciosa Rhinestones

You have your accessory and have decided that you want it to become a sparkly masterpiece and you want to bedazzle it yourself. You have your Preciosa rhinestones and your craft tools ready and now it’s time to start placing your crystals! The next big question is, “Which rhinestone embellishment technique to use?” and maybe you find yourself daunted by the blank surface and the odd shapes in front of you.

We in the Bluestreak Crystals Creative Studio know this “Blingers Block” well, and have experimented to find the optimal methods. We want to share our knowledge, so that you can know your options and use your Picker Pen with confidence!


Straight lines

The simplest approach is straight concentric lines, the most frequently used crystal shapes are round so imagine rows and rows of circles, all lined up so that the widest edge of each circle touches. In a square this method builds up to look like a perfect grid and in a circle it will resemble the rings in a tree.



This style is best for when you want a completely solid surface of sparkle. It requires concentric lines again, however this time the second row will nestle into the spaces between the crystals of the previous line. This creates a honeycomb effect and is great for straight shapes with 90 degree angles, likes squares and rectangles. If the shape is in anyway irregular, you will find that at some point the honeycomb will no longer line up and you may have to improvise to maintain the flow.



This is by far the most versatile method as it will fit into any shape and it does this by using a variety of crystal sizes. This technique is deliberately random in nature and you simply select whichever size crystal fits into the space that needs filling.

If you are looking for a high quality finish on your embellishment projects, we would recommend using Preciosa Rhinestones. For those businesses creating a finished product, you can also gain approval to continue purchasing Swarovski Flat Back Crystals.

The video tutorial below shows different styles of embellish technique:



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