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Preciosa Beads & Sew On Stones Sewing Embellishment Tutorial

January 20, 2023 3 min read

Preciosa beads and sewing materials for beaded embroidery towel material

As a craft-loving fashionista, you know that the secret to a personalised, stylish home decor is in the details. And what better way to add a touch of glamour to your everyday towels than with the versatile Preciosa beads? These high-quality, European-made Bicone beads come in a rainbow of colours, from classic crystal to trending colour of the moment, and can be easily sewn onto your towel fabric for a chic upgrade.


Preciosa Beads

Preciosa beads are world-renowned for their exceptional quality and stunning designs. With a wide range of shapes and colours, you're sure to find the perfect selection to suit your needs.

But what sets Preciosa beads apart from the competition? For starters, they use of state-of-the-art technology to produce high-quality, uniform beads that are perfect for intricate designs. Their innovative processes ensure that each and every bead is perfectly crafted, ensuring that your projects will have a professional polish.

Not only are Preciosa beads of exceptional quality, but the brand is also committed to sustainable manufacturing practices. They strive to minimize waste and pollution through environmentally conscious production processes. By choosing Preciosa Crystals, you can feel good knowing that you're making an eco-friendly choice.

As a Preciosa Platinum Partner you can be sure that when you purchase Preciosa Crystals from us, they will be 100% genuine and provide you with the high quality finish you are looking for.


Here's how to create your own Preciosa beaded towels:

Step 1. Gather your Materials

You'll need your towel(s), Preciosa Bicone beads in your desired color(s), a beading needle, and thread that matches your towel fabric.

Step 2. Plan your Beading Design

Decide where you want to add the beaded embellishments on your towel and plan out a simple design or pattern. You could go for a row of beads along the edge, a geometric shape, or even your initials spelled out in beads.

Step 3. Thread your Needle

Thread your beading needle with the matching thread and tie a knot at the end. Make sure the thread is long enough to sew all the beads in your design.

Step 4. Place your Beads

Starting from the backside of the towel, place your Preciosa beads in the desired pattern or design. You can secure the first bead by tying a knot, or by creating a small stitch through the fabric.

Step 5. Sew the Beads

Using your beading needle, sew through each bead to secure them onto the towel fabric. You can choose to sew through each bead multiple times for added durability. When filling a recognisable shape like the silhouette of a flower or an Initial letter with beads, we recommend beginning with the outer edge first and then working your way into the centre as the edges are what the eye notices first. A messy edge is much harder to hide!

Step 6. Finish and Repeat

Once you've sewn all the beads for your design, tie a knot and cut the thread. Then you can admire your new, sparkling towel and repeat the process to add more beaded embellishments as desired.

Not only will your Preciosa beaded towels look professionally made, but they'll also add a touch of luxury and personal style to your bathroom or kitchen. Plus, they make great DIY gifts for your fashionable friends and family members. So, grab your beads and start sewing your way to a glamorously accessorized home.

You can watch us create our version of the look in this video from our Bluestreak Crystals YouTube channel, where we show how you can personalise a towelling robe with our amazing range of Preciosa Beads and Preciosa Peardrop Sew On Stones for that extra dazzling wow factor:



In conclusion, adding Preciosa beads to your towels can transform an ordinary household item into something extraordinary. Allow your creativity to flow and experiment with different colours and patterns to create a unique beaded towel that showcases your personal style. So, gather your Preciosa beads and start your crafting journey, today!


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Preciosa Beads