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How To Weave Rings With Preciosa Seed Beads

August 30, 2022 3 min read

Step by Step guide - How To Weave Rings with Preciosa Seed Bead Rings

If you follow the #preppyeasthetic on Instagram, Pinterest or TikTok you will be familiar with seed bead jewellery and might already have a bead box full of Preciosa Seed Beads and are ready to start beading. This guide will help you step by step through the process of weaving a seed bead ring. This is an intermediate beading project and can also be used to weave bracelets, so if you can master the this; the world of woven beaded jewellery will really open up for you. This guide also includes two complimentary video tutorials, one uses a diagram the other uses seed beads and Beadalon beading wire to show you how the ring takes shape.

To begin you will need your Preciosa Seed Beads and your thread of choice and needle if you are using a fabric thread. For best results I have found it’s best if all your beads are the same size and it’s fun to use at least two colours. This short diagram video will help you follow these instructions:


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Follow The Steps Below

Make the first loop:

  1. Slip 4 beads onto your thread, think of them as bead 1,2,3 & 4.
  2. Pass your thread back through Bead 1 so that the thread forms a loop.
  3. The 4 beads should form a cross when the thread is pulled tight.
  4. Tie a knot so that this first loop is not going to slip of the end of your thread.

Now add more loops:

  1. You now have a small cross of beads with a left, top, right and bottom bead and the thread should be coming out on the right-hand side (assuming you’re right-handed).
  2. Add three new beads to your thread.
  3. Pass the thread back up through the right-hand bead of the original loop.
  4. This will form your second loop when you pull it tight.
  5. Pass the thread through the top and down through the right-hand bead of your new loop.
  6. You are now ready to add the next three beads and make the next loop.
  7. Repeat this until your chain of beaded loops becomes slightly longer than your intended length. You will notice it all seems a bit loose, this is OK the next stage will tighten it all up.

Fill in the gaps to give your ring straight sides:

  1. By now you should have a long chain of beaded loops with the thread coming out through the top of a right-hand bead.
  2. Pass the thread left through the top bead so that the direction of the thread is now pointing backwards.
  3. Add one bead and pass your thread through the Top bead of the next loop.
  4. This will fill the gap between the two Top beads.
  5. Keep threading through the Top beads, adding beads into the gaps.
  6. When you reach the last loop don’t add a bead on the left-hand side.
  7. Thread down through the left-hand bead of the last loop and repeat this process through the Bottom beads.


Diagram to help you weave rings with Preciosa Seed Beads

This video shows you how this process looks while making the ring:


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Complete The Ring

  1. Bring the two ends together and you will find you have the Left and Right beads of a final connecting loop, we need to add the Top and Bottom beads to complete it.
  2. Thread up through the Left bead.
  3. Add a bead to your thread.
  4. Thread down through the Right bead.
  5. Add a bead to your thread.
  6. Thread up through the Left bead.
  7. You now have your main loop of 4 beads and need to fill the gaps around it.
  8. Pass your thread back through the beads of the loop on the left.
  9. Go all the way round this loop until your thread is coming out of the bottom right bead facing into the gap.
  10. Add a bead to your thread.
  11. Pass your thread through the Bottom bead.
  12. Add a bead to your thread.
  13. Pass your thread back through the loop on the right-hand side and repeat across the top filling in the last two gaps.
  14. Tie a knot in a discreet spot inside the weave to hide it where the thread ends

Congratulations you have completed a woven ring with Preciosa Seed Beads! For more tutorial videos using beads, pendants, crystals and more follow us @bluestreakcrystals on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube!