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How To Personalise A Gift With Flat Back Rhinestones

July 29, 2022 2 min read

How To Personalise A Gift With Crystals for someone special or a special occasion

Do you have a loved one? Maybe a mother, partner or fabulous best friend who has a special occasion coming up and you have a gift idea ready to go… but it needs a little ‘something’ to make it extra special? We at Bluestreak Crystals are firm believers that anything can be improved with a touch of sparkle. You can even add flat back rhinestones to a cake! As long as the crystals are glued on to a non-edible cake topper and only edible shimmer and shine is put onto the cake itself. (Please don’t eat our crystals).


Embellishment With Rhinestones

Adding flatback crystals onto an item is satisfyingly easy if you have a few simple craft tools that any crafter should consider essential. These items are all centred around the fact that you need to be able to easily pick up, move and accurately place your rhinestones one at a time onto a chosen a surface.

A classic sign of a beginner is attempting to do this process with tweezers, this is a recipe for frustration and is easily avoided with the Double Ended Wax Picker Pen. This tool has a wax tip with just enough grip on it, for the crystal to gently stick for long enough for it to move from the storage pot to the glued surface. The glue is tackier than the wax tip so the crystal transfers smoothly onto your item and the issue of crystals pinging about all over your workstation is a thing of the past!

You also need your rhinestones to be facing the right way up when you pick them with the wax pen and there is a certain degree of personal taste involved in how you approach this. We favour the Magic Sorting Tray because not only is it a convenient size and stackable shape, but the surface that the crystals sit on has a specially designed texture. This will provide enough friction to flip the crystals over every time you gently shake the tray.

Once you have your Wax Picker Pen and your Sorting Tray, the only other factor to consider is the glue. Most ornament style gift items are made of materials that will work with Gem-Tac and Ninja SuperTite Fusion-Tack if you’re gluing onto a fabric. However, if your item is intended for frequent handling or washing like a tumbler or water bottle, we recommend the CG500 Resin Glue which will be both hard wearing and waterproof once fully “cured” (this sounds complicated but in this case it simply means “let it dry overnight”).

Everything else is pure creativity and you can cover your item with Serinity, Preciosa or Estella Flatback Crystals and then enjoy watching their face light up when they see the results of your heartfelt efforts. If you are running a business and selling a finished product, you can also apply online to continue purchasing the full range of Swarovski crystals from us.


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