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How to Make Bling Phone Cases with Swarovski Rhinestone Crystals

June 27, 2023 3 min read

How to Make Bling Phone Cases with Swarovski Rhinestone Crystals

In an era where personalisation is king, consumers love products that showcase their unique style, and there's no better way to express individuality than through custom accessories. One such item that offers a fantastic canvas for creativity is a phone case. This article will guide businesses on how to make bling phone cases using Swarovski Rhinestone crystals, adding a touch of luxury to any smartphone.


What are Swarovski Rhinestone Crystals?

A true jewel in the world of glassmaking, Swarovski crystals are famed for their precision-cut, high-quality lead glass crystals. Originating from Austria, Swarovski has long set the industry standard in crystal production, marrying traditional techniques with innovative design.

Swarovski Rhinestone crystals are a particular category within their range, renowned for their vibrant colours and mesmerising sparkle. They come in a vast assortment of sizes, shapes, and colours, providing a multitude of design possibilities when crafting bespoke phone cases.


Why Swarovski Crystals are Perfect for a Phone Case

So, why should businesses consider learning how to make bling phone cases with Swarovski crystals?

Exceptional quality

Swarovski's rigorous quality control ensures that each rhinestone crystal offers superior clarity, cut, and brilliance. These premium crystals are far more durable and radiant than regular rhinestones, making them a top-tier choice for embellishing phone cases.

Luxury appeal

The prestige of the Swarovski brand, combined with the radiant beauty of their rhinestone crystals, elevates a standard phone case to a luxury accessory. Offering bling phone cases adorned with Swarovski crystals can position your business as a provider of high-end, customised products.


The range of colours and sizes of Swarovski Rhinestone crystals allows for a multitude of design options. Your customers can truly express their personal style, whether they prefer a minimalistic look with a few strategically placed crystals, or a fully studded bling case.


How to Bling iPhone Cases

Creating a Swarovski-studded phone case is a straightforward process. Here's a step-by-step guide to creating your own bling iPhone case:

Gather your materials

Besides the phone case and Swarovski Rhinestone crystals, you'll need a strong adhesive suitable for plastics and crystals, and a pair of tweezers for precision placement.

Plan your design

Prior to application, sketch your design on paper or use a template to guide your crystal placement. This step is crucial to ensure a balanced and visually appealing end product.

Apply adhesive

Apply a small amount of adhesive on the case where you plan to place the first crystal. It's best to work in small sections to prevent the adhesive from drying before the crystal is applied.

Place your crystals

Using tweezers, pick up a crystal and gently press it onto the adhesive. Continue this process, one crystal at a time, following your pre-planned design. Allow the adhesive to dry thoroughly according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Remember, the appeal of a Swarovski-studded phone case lies in its careful craftsmanship. Take your time to place each crystal precisely, ensuring the end product is nothing short of dazzling.


Where can I buy Swarovski Rhinestone Crystals?

As a business crafting bespoke bling phone cases, sourcing the highest quality materials is essential, and here at Bluestreak Crystals, we offer thelargest range of Swarovski Flatback Rhinestones Crystals in the UK. Plus, we’re an authorised Swarovski partner - one of only 8 in the world - so you know you’re getting the real thing. Bluestreak Crystals also caters specifically to businesses, providing bulk purchasing options to help your business keep up with demand while maintaining attractive profit margins. Win-win!



What adhesive is best for attaching Swarovski Rhinestone crystals to phone cases?

A strong, clear-drying adhesive that is suitable for plastic and glass is best. E6000 Craft Adhesive is a popular choice in the industry.

How can I ensure the crystals stay attached to the phone case?

It's essential to thoroughly clean the phone case before applying the crystals to ensure a strong bond. Regular cleaning of the phone case, avoiding high impact and not exposing it to extreme temperatures will also help preserve the integrity of the crystals and adhesive.

Can Swarovski Rhinestone crystals be removed from the phone case?

Once adhered, removing the crystals without damaging them or the case is challenging. If a customer wishes to change the design, it's recommended to start with a new case and set of crystals.


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