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Create A Halloween Tumbler With Preciosa Flat Back Crystals

October 19, 2022 2 min read

Create A Halloween Tumbler With Preciosa Flat Back Crystals

The nights are drawing in... pumpkins are being carved and we at Bluestreak Crystals are ready for Halloween with this stunning crystal embellished Poison Apple Tumbler that is fit for an evil queen! Now is the perfect time to transform the mundane into something magical with the help of Preciosa Flat Back Crystals and E6000 Plus Glue ! This easy step by step guide will show you how and you can watch our two-part video tutorial on our Socials.



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It begins with a Tumbler...

Make sure your tumbler is clean and then plot out your design. You can do this by either drawing on the surface or taking a printed image of your design and taping it in place inside the tumbler if your tumbler is transparent. Gently sand down the surface so that there is a 'key' for the resin glue to bond with for maximum adhesion.


For the Poison Apple you will need...

  • Preciosa Flat Back Crystals (Non Hotfix) in Light Siam
  • Preciosa Flat Back Crystals (Non Hotfix) in Light Siam AB
  • Preciosa Flat Back Crystals (Non Hotfix) in Limecicle
  • Preciosa Flat Back Crystals (Non Hotfix) in Limecicle AB
  • E6000 Resin Glue
  • Double Ended Wax Picker Pen
  • Magic Sorting Trays
  • Crystal FX Glue Syringe


Follow these easy steps

  1. Coat a small section of the tumbler in a thin layer of E6000 Resin Glue, this glue has a honey-like consistency so be prepared to spread thinner that you might expect and leave it for 10 minutes to get tacky before you begin placing crystals. This area of glue has a one-hour work time and will need to dry over 24 hours before it is fully cured.
  2. Use a wax Picker Pen to pick up and place your Preciosa Rhinestones onto the tumbler.
  3. Let each section dry before moving onto the next area to avoid crystals slipping out of place while the glue is still wet.
  4. We recommend you use the Crystal FX Glue Syringe for gluing details. The precision nozzle helps you apply the glue accurately in a thin line, which can be helpful in tight corners.
  5. Use the scatter embellishment style for the curving lines and details in your design and when possible, blend into the honeycomb embellishment style for the large sections of flat colour for easy solid coverage that will fit nicely against the top and bottom edges of the tumbler.

E6000 Plus Glue dries completely clear and water resistant, making this tumbler perfectly suitable for hand washing with warm soapy water.

For other hauntingly beautiful crystal crafting be sure to look at our projects page and follow us on social media! You can find us on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok.