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Great Products To Use With Swarovski Rhinestones For Nails

March 14, 2020 2 min read

Great Products to Use in Combination with Swarovski Nail Crystals

Swarovski Rhinestones enable you to create stunning, luxurious designs. Available in a huge choice of colours and sizes, these sparkling crystals are a popular choice with nail technicians.

While the crystals are beautiful enough to be used alone, you can also enhance your designs by combining them with other great products. Here, you’ll discover some great products you can use in combination with Swarovski nail crystals.


Metal caviar beads

Our metal caviar beads are perfect for use with Swarovski nail crystals. These coloured metal beads help you to create more intricate nail art designs. These are tiny beads, available in a wide choice of colours. Just some of the colour options available include rose gold, silver and green.

You can use these beads alongside our Swarovski flatback crystals, shaped flatback crystals or pointed back chatons.



If you want your nail designs to really pop, you’ll want to use a well-known acrylics range with Swarovski nail crystals. Start with the core acrylic powders to create a beautiful base. You can choose from exquisite colour options, and for a glitzier look you could use the glitter powders.

Most acrylics feature a wide range of acrylic colours. When used alongside the Swarovski nail crystals range, you’ll be able to create striking, luxurious designs. We especially recommend investing in the Swarovski shaped crystal collection to create detailed designs.


Tools and accessories

In order to achieve professional-looking results, you’ll also want to invest in a few tools and accessories. You might want to invest in a 3D brush, this will help you to create beautiful 3D nail designs using acrylic products.

You can also buy nail tips, other nail art brushes, and crystal pickers. Investing in a crystal picker is recommended, as it will enable you to apply the crystals more precisely. This is what helps you to produce professional-looking results. Of course, you’ll also want to make sure you have a great quality glue to work with too.

So, if you’re looking to provide the best nail art design service, you’ll want to consider using the products above. They go perfectly with Swarovski nail crystals, and can be used to produce immaculate designs. When you’re ready to order, you can also save money buying wholesale packs, available across our entire product range.