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From Sophisticated to Striking: Four Preciosa Pearls Ideas

February 08, 2021 2 min read

From Sophisticated to Striking: Four Preciosa Pearls Ideas

Pearls! From Tudor jewellery to accompaniments for twin sets, these nautical jewels have adorned everything from decadent royal apparel to sensible businesswear. Their soft glow adds class and refined glamour to any garment or decorative piece. Preciosa pearls are designed with creativity in mind; apply them however you wish, whatever your style. We have four main types of pearl to choose from, each of which would be perfect for embellishing or creating with: cabochons, round, round but only half-drilled, and shaped pearls. Considering each of these Preciosa shapes, here are four crafty ideas to use your pearls with.


Decadent chokers

Pearls have been used in fine jewellery for centuries, but chokers allow you to blend the sophisticated and the contemporary with ease. You can use a single string to create a simple-style necklace with a gold clasp at the back. However, if you want to add a bit of 1920s glamour, or indeed add different rows of colour, you could add two extra strings of beads on either side, to add a layered effect.


Hair pieces

Preciosa pearls can be a bit of a style chameleon when it comes to hair pieces. They can give a refined, subtle elegance to wedding pieces, a wow factor to elaborate up-dos, or add a bit of shimmer and sophistication to over-sized hair clips. Preciosa cabochons are perfect for clips and slides, as their un-faceted side can be easily fixed to the piece you’re working with. You could even consider studding them onto a fabric or metal headband.



One classic way to add pearls to a set of earrings is by adding a half-drilled pearl to the bottom of your eye pins or hooks. However, there are some more unusual ways to add Preciosa pearls to your jewellery which are a bit less conventional. Threading them along a metal hoop will give you a statement jewellery effect, but with absolutely minimum hassle.


Killer heels

If you have a plain pair of heels that could use some reviving, or a pair of boots that aren’t quite glamorous enough, Preciosa cabochons or round pearls would be perfect for renovating tired footwear. Place them across sandal straps, create a domed mosaic effect on boot panels, or hang half-drilled and shaped hearts from ankle straps using dangly earring eye pins.

Whether it’s for personal craft, or you’re looking for wholesale and trade prices, then Preciosa pearls come in a range of colours. These are perfect for adding a pearlescent finish to small or large scale projects. Just take a browse around our website for a full range of colours and shapes, or accompanying gems.