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Dubai Bling - Get The Look With Serinity Crystals

November 21, 2022 2 min read

Dubai Bling - Get The Look With Serinity Crystals

If you love all things status and sparkle, you have no doubt heard of the recent Netflix series Dubai Bling. It's a reality TV insight into the lives of several sassy millionaires living in the heart of fabulous Dubai, and the fashion is as thrilling at the drama! The show loves to highlight the designer brands gracing the limbs of the luxurious ladies, the Cartier necklace shopping scene from the series no doubt left many breathless! We at Bluestreak Crystals want to help you get the luxurious look with Serinity Crystals!


All About Crystals

It's all about the crystals and how you use them, and the ladies of Dubai Bling are masters of their chosen styles:

Zeina Khoury is the self-proclaimed “Queen of Versace” and the key to embodying her Versace aesthetic is with bold Grecian accents of gold, often paired with classic clear crystal chatons.

Danya Mohammed AKA beauty vlogger Diva Dee showcases Chanel with sleek sophistication, pairing clear crystals and silver in swooping, curving lines. Clear crystals in silver settings from Preciosa are a brilliant short cut to achieving a similar look.

Farhana Bodi frequently wears sponsored outfits due to her influencer status on Instagram. A famous red-carpet example is Renu Oberoi luxury jewellery, a brand that draws heavy influences from nature, using greens and striking fuchsia crystals, which can be mimicked using Serinity Fancy Stones.

Loujain Adada is the model widow of a billionaire, who loves Cartier among other brands. She is often seen in bright feminine shades including pink and purple. Amethyst from Serinity flat back rhinestones would perfectly capture the fierce energy felt from her throughout the show.

Lojain Omran is coined as the Queen of Saudi TV and often wears Bulgari jewellery, leaning towards emerald and gold when pairing with her often earthy wardrobe colour pallet. Emerald coloured Serinity Crystals are richly hued and are a sure way to get a perfect colour match.


More Is More

Across the series you will often see pearls paired with crystals and silver for both grace and shine. Serinity Round Pearls are the secret to achieving this classic pairing, the bigger the better! Often the necklaces featured on the show contain varying shades of natural pearls, so you can branch out into Cream, Creamrose, Iridescent Tahitian and Rose Gold pearls.

Something that is clear throughout the series is that more is more and the ladies are often seen in a full jewellery set: necklace, earrings, bracelets, rings and even brooches and hair clips, all glistening at the same time. So now is the time to abandon the Coco Channel mantra of “before you leave the house, take something off.” Now, before you leave the house, put five extra things on!

Serinity Crystals are super high quality crystals which are available to all customers without any restrictions. However, if you have a business you can also register online to purchase Swarovski Crystals.


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