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DIY Hair Accessories With Swarovski Rhinestones

September 27, 2017 2 min read

DIY Swarovski Crystals Hair Accessories

If you’re looking for that added glamour and sparkle for a special event, an often-forgotten piece of jewellery is the hair accessory.


Standout from the crowd

Add a hair accessory into your modern updo, for a little old-world sparkle reminiscent of the 1920s. You will stand out and shine in a crowd of many, and your secret is that you made it yourself! We have a variety of options for your DIY Swarovski hair accessories which are made of real Swarovski rhinestones for long-lasting chic and elegance.


Swarovski crystal banding

We have fabric banding that glistens and glimmers with millions of tiny cut and uncut Swarovski crystals which are attached to it by hand. This fabric banding can be attached to a plain headband or hairband to make for a beautiful and easy-to-create hair accessory. The colours we love are Crystal Golden Shadow and Crystal Moonlight, which come in varying band width for subtle and delicate, or bold and beautiful pieces. Due to the intricacy of these products, please allow up to four weeks for delivery as they are made to order.



Swarovski rhinestone mixes are an option


For night time charm, take your plain hair pins and accessories and add our Swarovski flatback crystals. Channel Great Gatsby-esque elegance with our hotfix and non hotfix rhinestones. We have a large variety of crystal mixes, like our Autumn mix which is perfect for this season. We also love our Forest crystal mix, with hues of green, blue, and amber to add natural chic with minimal effort. You can affix our crystals to your plain hair accessories, like a simple material elastic headband.

Position the band around your head, wrapping your hair around the plain elastic and showing off the crystal-studded part in all its glory for an evening event, wedding – or for a little daytime sparkle. Why not? We pride ourselves on our care – and our large collection of Swarovski products. Get in touch via email, phone, or live chat if there is anything you need help with.